I’m Pregnant wanna see my tummy?!

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Maddismommy4313 says:


Mackenzie Assude says:

lol she stoped the video just to fix her hair

Turner Clan says:

praying for you and your little one we all make choices i am sure you have
NO idea what choice you made yet but you will but regardless you are strong
and you CAN do this I did !!

Jeydongriffenlux says:

@jacklynisabella0 almost 16 thanks.

mikaelab97 says:

how old were you

Brittany Nicole says:

Did u have a boy or a girl

Jeydongriffenlux says:

@funnypeople149 boy! Max

SailorScoutCookies says:

hhehehehe nice lop sided belly

shinebrightxoxo says:


shinebrightxoxo says:

Ur friend is pretty

SchayBabii93 says:

are you keeping your baby

mysuperstar8585 says:

her tummy is not round sje has a pillow

karentard1 says:

ur a slut having sex 13

Jacklyn Marin says:

what, are you like 12? jesus christ.

GlamGlitter11 says:

its fake.

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