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UM wow okay here i am taking a pregnancy test thinking no one will ever see the footage and then it goes and says POSITIVE and i go into an excited panic haha!!! Baby number two is cooking and we’re so so so excited to finally be able to tell you the news! Daisy’s going to be a big sister!!! EEEEEEK!!!!
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Ebony & David x


Stine Hyldtoft says:

I loooove how you say hello while poking your belly – it is adorable! And with all the other cute stuff you're saying, I think pregnancy brain is already introducing itself :´D (6:40) It is amazing that you are having another baby – and it's definitely going to be just as cute as Daisy! <3

Mell VS says:

"I feel like I just kicked endometriosis' butt right in the actual butthole" Hahahah yeah you did gurl!! Congrats! I'm so happy for you! <3 Love from Denmark

Katherine Moore says:

This was my reaction to my first pregnancy as I struggled with years of infertility. So happy for you guys!

Monica Coloma says:

Hahahhaa ooh the giggles!! Omg Ehony CONGRAAAATS!! I’ve been watching you since you started singing amd omg! This is amazing! Love u lots

Rosie Leedale says:

Just subbed

Brittney vaughn says:

Ur so cute!! Sinking further into your hoodie lol

Pickle Lily says:

So so happy for you all xx

Meegan England says:

Congratulations! Im a small youtuber trying to start a vlog channel and ID love to be just like this some day. Check my channel and let me know what you think xo

Esther Quanita Jacobs says:


Love and Faith says:

Awww this is brilliant congratulations. 17 weeks and 3 days here so were in this together. So happy for you

Sam I am says:

Ommmgg I love ebonys reaction. That was so friggin cute just the little freak out. I'm so happy for youuuu

Ella Davis says:

OMG, congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Jodie Francis says:

Massive congratulations Ebony and David ❤️

Life With Courtney says:

aw wow congratulations! and your reaction haha funny but so adorable! congratulations again! xx

Tabitha Jacob says:

OMG congratulations!

bryony hawkins says:

Honestly the funniest announcement video!!!

Ruth Bolds says:

Funniest reaction of a mom so far. Women have good sixth sense, I knew I was pregnant before I even tested and was confirmed by the doctor. Hahaha her reaction is so funny .

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