I’M PREGNANT!!! ❤️ 15 Week Pregnancy Vlog | Clomid, Prenatal Vitamins, Baby Gifts & More

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Hey guys!! Yup, I am pregnant and we are sooo excited!! I am pumped to be starting these pregnancy vlogs for you every two weeks and really hope you guys enjoy following me along on this new and exciting journey! I am posting this while I am 16 weeks but it was filmed a week ago at 15 weeks, just FYI. I’ll also be posting cute belly pics & updates on my instagram so if you’re interested in seeing the baby grow please check it out & follow me @liza_adele :) Much Love! XOXO

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Emily du Plooy says:

I love watching your vlogs!! <3 I am pregnant now and just soo excited!

Peachy♡ says:

Funny bc I'm crving pizza, ice cream, and orange chicken…and fettuccine. ..mmm. but i love cheeseburgers but can't stand them this pregnancy which is weird (4th pregnancy )

Stephannie Jimenez says:

hi im so glad i came across this video i needed this i been very emotional lately i am now on my 4th day of clomid tomarrow i will be taking my last one my dr gave me 100mg of clomid and im also taking it with metformin 1000mg a day this is im first round with clomid im really hopping it works im just scare and praying that it works:/

Nadie Komarova says:

Great Video. I just came upon your channel. I love these kinda of video. I just upload my 14 week update on my page. I would love for you to check it out. I don't have a lot of videos yet but I am committed to getting more videos up. Check me out

Kelsie Byers says:

I just found out I am pregnant and I went out and bought those prenatal vitamins and the burts bees belly butter! Thank you, thank you!

mia irvin says:

I know I'm late on commenting but if you start to put your belly butter on your boobs and butt it will help a lot
You don't think about those places getting stretch marks but both of those areas are rapidly growing as well as your belly

Panther2187 says:

omg love your videos……weird question…what kind of lipstick or lip gloss are you wearing cuz I love it?

jaden whitney says:

Congrats! on your pregnancy I'm 17 weeks today!! Hope everything is goes PERFECT!!

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