If Google Was A Guy

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Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google.

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Isaiah Martinez says:


Сергей Ивашкин says:

what name of this intro?

Cody Calin says:

hes cute

Elbereth Gilthoniel says:

Its no wonder their stock is hotter than the sun.

Death Gamez says:

If youtube was a guy?

Michael Valenzuela says:

It should be, "If Google were a guy"

cobramcjingleballs says:

CDC whistleblower came out in news today as a matter of fact that his bosses made him remove evidence from a 2004 report saying MMR vaccine before age 3 increased autism chances 250% (particularly in black children). His bosses put those pages in trash and issued report without those statistics, which has been quoted in over 100 papers. So yeah. Plus the US vaccine court has already awarded money for vaccine caused autism based on expert evidence (rather than probable cause standard in regular courts, since our government gives Big Pharma immunity from lawsuits)…further this whistleblower offered to give testimony to congress, and was refused by Big Pharma backed candidates

JonatasMonte says:

Now I want to replace my google now voice

Zach C-Adams says:

Nick Mundy!!!!!!

RadicalMiner says:

I swear this video never get old

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