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That’s right, for the first time ever daddy announces the pregnancy to mommy!
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This is how we’re announcing it to the family:

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Sarah Elmore says:

Sam voice when he found out was me when my mom says we are getting taco bell

Elyscehastie Hastie says:

Anyone else think the title was a typo

Alyxandreia Szario says:

I started watching sam and nia through this video about 10 months ago! Now I watch them every day and I feel like I know them! Going back to this today is just so sweet!

youtube girl says:

his reaction is so cute

YouTube vs Jennifer says:

Can't believe this was almost a year agi

Rain Dancer says:

Bunch of liars. After the stunts they pulled, I can't believe how many viewers they still have.

Kate Aulton says:

congratulations I'm watching ur blogs from the start

Gabe Cobb says:

i like your video

Raeesah says:

This made me tear up omg

Izzy M. says:

Nia's reaction is adorable

Ashley VanderJagt says:

Omg watching this when juliet is 2 monthes and i just get the chills!!!!

Soniya Sarkar says:

So she didn't flush after pee lol

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