How to Tighten Loose Skin after Pregnancy

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After healing from the effects of giving birth, most new mothers start to focus on how to tighten loose skin after pregnancy. The loose skin is a result of the weight that was lost after giving birth. The lost weight is not just the baby’s weight, it could also be the additional weight gained from eating more.

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alberto gonzalez says:

I gave birth to my fifth son last year in September. I was 230 pounds the
day I went into labor. Fast forward to this year ,90 pounds lighter 5”’6
139 pounds my stomach isn’t perfectly flat anymore I’m starting to think
it’s a little bit of loose skin. Because I’m fit and slim. I tried all of
these methods it does not work. 

fisher1683 says:

*Yeah **+MissGrayMouse** Me too. I was using it the past 2 months*
*and it was great! I never forgot how my skin got*
*tighter w/in a weeks and the dimples & bumps*
*were starting to fade! Great isnt?*

love Zara says:

Hi u ppl I am new here in YouTube I’ll show u some tricks to tuck that
tummy in I promise u guys will not be disappointed muah

Magdalena Sopalska says:

i just lost 4 and half minutes of my life.

Karla Figg says:

Is it just me… but did he say you can take walks around “the bar” with
the baby?…

Li Arr says:

This did not help at all.

bicky nakarmi says:

Discover the fat shedding machine that lies hidden in your body. Copy and
Paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace to bring it out.

Faith 1 says:


lim anthony says:

the Laotian mothers have their own family folk medicines, using herbs,
leaves to rub on the skin , some oils …… any Laotian mamas coming to
help please?

JakeTheSnake3005 says:

+Oasis *I totally agree with you! That symulast methods claims to helped me
get rid of my cellulite.Plus it made my skin even more smoother and
tighter. Wasnt frustrated purchasing this program. ;-]*

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