How to Teach a Baby to Walk – Steps to Help Your Baby Learn to Walk (And What to Avoid)

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There are numerous ways you can help your baby learn to walk. But there are also common things parents do which actually prevent a baby from learning how to walk.

In this video I cover what you can do right now to encourage your baby to walk, and maybe more importantly, what you want to avoid. These tips are very simple and easy to do. These activities will build your baby’s skills and help them continue to improve until finally taking that first step.

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00:00 – 00:47 : Intro
00:48 – 01:28 : Encourage Play in Standing
01:29 – 02:05 : Encourage Standing Without Support
02:06 – 03:36 : Encourage Cruising
03:37 – 04:27 : Encourage Walking with a Baby Push Walker
04:28 – 07:17 : Encourage Walking Independently (tips and what to avoid)
07:18 – 07:53 : Don’t Use a Baby Walker
07:54 – 08:20 : Don’t Use an Exersaucer
08:21 – 08:55 : Don’t Freak Out if Your Baby Prefers to Crawl
08:56 – 10:18 : Don’t Hold Your Baby By the Hand to Walk

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keerthana Raj says:

Hi emma hubbard my 11 month old baby is not crawling and he wants to stand always plz help that he is ready walk or crawl ….iam soo much worried


When is the right time to start? Can I teach him to walk before the baby crawlswith four?

C L says:

I was 9 months old when I got up took me 3 days to go from crawling to running. Pretty sure my mum used this method. She also took me swimming.

Anaya Shakeel rockstar says:

I am very worry about

Anaya Shakeel rockstar says:

My baby 14 months old but not walk

OverHaluyu says:

Makes me so scared because we don't have carpet. Surprised that me the baby in the video was cruising at the 90degree furniture on just tile. Hopefully the fear passes soon.

Fide Ngamih says:

The video is so helpful.. Thanks

Namrata Redkar says:

Hi mam my baby is 1 year and 2month old till not walking what to do and how to encourage to walk I tired all tricks as u but not work

Kainat Ateeq says:

Hey Emma,
Your videos are so helpful. As a first time mother and not having anyone to guide me you were like a shinning star. Thank you
I wanted to ask you about playpen. What do you think about it. Are they good?
My 11 month old is very active. Often he gets in things which are dangerous for him. I wamted to buy something to create a save place for him like a yes space where he can touch anything

Ronaldo Reese says:

I and my wife want to say that this learning program is absolutely amazing Childent.Study We especially like the fact that our kids can record themselves sounding out the words. We also love that the program teaches beginning, middle, and end sounds, so that the little learners can see and hear how a letter and its sound can be used in different places of a word.

bincy biju says:

My baby is only 4 and half month. But he likes to step out his foot with my support. Is it okay to do so? He roll over with small support and has good neck balance

Priscilla Hammond says:

My baby is about to be 13 months and does not want to pull up past his knees and cries when you help prop him up to stand. I don't know if there is something medically wrong or if he just really doesn't want to walk. We had his one year check but I didn't get much feedback other than waiting. Any thoughts? Is this concerning?

Toju Oyor says:

Thank you so much for this, it’s very enlightening and refreshing to watch❤️

Danielsgirl389 says:

My 1yr old has been standing independently for 3mo now & still cries when attempting to walk. I’ve been doing all of the “do’s” suggested. I became worried & checked with any inner issues I wasn’t aware of with her Pediatrician. Her Dr says she’s fine -just stubborn. Help!

Pale Princess says:

Gutted we can’t use the push walkers for our boy because he’s particularly tall so has to slouch over to use them.. not sure how else we can encourage him to walk instead of cruise without holding his hands!

Jyoti Arora says:

Very helpful thank you

Melly Who says:

Is there a reason you encourage push walkers? Everything I've read says they're unsafe.

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