How to swaddle a baby -How To’s for hip moms

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How to Properly Swaddle a Baby -How to’s for hip moms

Learn how to perfectly swaddle your newborn or infant with humorist, Jenny from the Blog. Mom of 2 and founder of She gives a lesson with great techniques and some laughs to boot! Moms and Dads are always nervous they won’t get that perfect swaddle like the nurses did in the hospital. If you’re neurotic like me you worry your baby will get tangled in the blanket or it will be too tight. This shows you how to do the perfect one every time. So, can put the baby in for a nap and do something else productive like, pumping more milk, taking a 10 minute cat nap before your next feeding, or correcting something your husband is doing wrong. Have fun enjoy and send to all your friends who are new moms!


ifyoufly says:

Just thought I'd mention f.y.i., that I just very successfully swaddled a bag of sugar! Thanks a bunch!

ifyoufly says:

Is that any way for a mother to talk?? Sheesh hahaha. J/k…loving the humour and loving that i'm a soon to be father that doesn't have to embarrass himself trying to learn how to swaddle by seeking physical instructions. I don't seem to have any dolls laying around anywhere though.

Alan McKay says:

Well done, thanks. Too bad about not taking off the shirt though :-)

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