How to Survive And Enjoy Natural Childbirth – 7 Practical Tips

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Natural labor is not the easiest of tasks. But we choose it anyway to remain fully connected to experience of childbirth, to protect our babies from harsh chemicals entering their blood stream, to ensure more chances of successful latching and breastfeeding, and many, many more personal reasons.

Even though every person processes pain differently, most women, doctors and scientists (and even The Try Guys) agree, that labor pain is one of the strongest sensations a woman will experience in her lifetime. Therefore, your game of dealing with intense pain is definitely a high-priority requirement during labor.

In this video I share my best practical tools on how to get through unmedicated labor on both physical and emotional levels.

All these are easier-said-than-done you might think, but if you just try and implement them during your labor, you might be surprised at how much more efficient you can be, how much less stress you can experience, and how much faster your labor can go.


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Thank you so much for this video! So helpful!! <3

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