How-to: Stretch Mark Removal With Laser Treatment

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Dr. Graeme Reed, Medical Director at Ali’i Nani Aesthetic Medicine explains and demonstrates how laser procedure works on stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be caused by a number of factors including pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight gain. No matter how they occur, stretch marks can leave you feeling uncomfortable in your skin. Stop hiding your body and permanently remove stretch marks with the Icon laser aesthetic system!

The Icon laser is completely non-invasive however, unlike topical creams and serums, the Icon can reach deep beneath the surface of your skin and target stretch marks right at their source.
This revolutionary procedure sends powerful laser light to the site of the stretch mark, allowing the body to absorb this energy without causing any damage to the surrounding area. Stimulating the body’s natural defense system allows for the production of new skin cells and collagen to form in place of the stretch mark. What does this mean? New, firmer skin will appear gradually over time—and your stretch mark will become a thing of the past!

*Intended for educational purposes only. Consult your doctor if you have medical issues before undergoing any laser treatments*
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توفونكيدس says:

Can you able to remove stretch marks on the face underneath the right eye beside the nose.

debdutta bose says:

Is it painful

Raxmo Shuuriye says:

So i live in uganda if you have another hospital in uganda tell me

Raxmo Shuuriye says:

How much treatment like that cost

Raxmo Shuuriye says:

How much treatment like that cost

kavya kavya says:

is it ablebl in india plzz reply…….

MAMI T says:

Does it work better on white or dark stretch marks?

Ubaid Rehman says:

is that any side effect

Ashley Temo says:

Do you have a before and after?

Savita Madaan says:

i need to know about the it available in India..thanks for consideration

Gulpenbus Rz says:

which country is it?

zuduz jama says:

i need the doctor , will you help some one in kenya?

Elsa Beth says:

Works really well. Two monthss after using argan life argan oil I've started seeing results, I use it for my stretch marks and their appearance have greatly improved!!!

Akshaya says:

When we touch our skin, does it feel stretched after the treatment?

AMD dihara says:

In uae have this?

Naash Abdi says:

Any side effects

Mansaray Memuna says:

Is the treatment more than 10thousands dollars?

Abril Campos says:

How much a treatment like that cost?

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