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in this video describe about how to reduce tummy after pregnancy.

Hello friends, welcome to Ayurveda for You channel. In today’s video, how we can reduce belly after pregnancy is described..


After the baby in the care of pregnancy, women are so busy that they can not find time for yourself is. One thing to keep in mind, do not lose weight immediately after Prengnesi.
The need for self-control and concentration. Here we tell you 10 tips through which you can lose weight.

1 Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is beneficial for newborns as well as in women during pregnancy and Kelostrol fat increases. Breastfeeding women should therefore make the body metabolism works as before and it is low fat.

2 Walk
For some time after pregnancy Mothers who refuse to do heavy exercise, so if you want to do some exercise walking is the right solution.
3 Exercises for 30 minutes
Prengnensi two and three months later, the body is ready for some exercise. Exercise 30 minutes a day and weight loss can be easy.

4 drink lot of water
Hydrate for weight loss are. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day at least. High fluid intake increases the metabolism and burn fat it contains. Sip a glass of water half an hour before eating a meal digestion, it works well.

5. Do not take stress
After becoming a mother is undoubtedly increasing responsibilities. Mother to be a pleasant experience for every woman with stress also increases. If you want to loose weight after Prengnensi to control the stress is very important. Increasing the amount of cortisol in the blood due to stress and help reduce these hormones affect weight.

6. Eat Healthy
If you are breast feeding has to be highly nutritious diet. A good diet is the one you will lose weight. Therefore whosoever shall eat healthily and avoid junk food. Eat in the day, bit by bit, so that the body does not grow much weight on nutrition as soon as metabolism.

7 Eat Oats
If you really want to lose weight should not lose any breakfast. Breakfast is extremely important for mothers. Start eating breakfast Oates. Is weight loss.
8 Good Sleep

For new mothers to sleep at night is nothing short of mission impossible. Good sleep can be prevented from gaining weight. The stress hormone cortisol increases. The weight increases. Decreases stress and stay fit at bedtime is helpful. A little planning can take you a good sleep. You like when your baby go to sleep with him and take a nap. Also distributed to others to try to take you home work. Baby duty to share with her husband the night.

9 to focus on snacks
Breastfeeding mothers with hungry seems to be too early. But note that some Anheldi food to avoid hunger is not eating.
10 Belly Wrap can wear
Which many in the market are getting Belly Wrap Your Fat loss can help. Belly Wrap that help can get rid of the back pain problem. And it’s a C-section to recover Fimels also prove helpful.

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