How To Reduce Stretch Marks | DIY Home Remedies

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Stretch marks are as common as getting a zit and a part of almost every woman’s life at some point. They’re caused when skin is suddenly stretched very quickly. So you start off smooth as a silkworm until you’re hit by puberty, pregnancy or even sudden weight gain.

Here’s how to lighten them!

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Aiza Magadan says:

I can relate to this as growing up,I have stretch marks appearing on my butt,thighs and legs. It loosen my self confidence. I tried using these home remedies but for older stretch marks it's hard to be treated.


I don’t think they are real strechmarks

shannon huffman says:

I have been putting lavender oil directly on my stretch marks and they are almost completely gone and they were very deep and purple..It takes a few months to see good results so be can buy any lavender oil and it will work.. it is extremely strong smelling so be prepared for that I actually hate the smell that I've learned to accept it to get results it is worth it to me

Himanshi Poddar says:

Hey can you tell how much time is it going to take to remove stretch marks and should we use any 1 remedy and stick to it every single day?

Bilin Nongbri says:

It's ok right if we used only alovera

BlackSwan Haunted says:

I was 16 when stretch marks started appearing on my boobs,waist,butt,thighs and calf. I know it's due to my sudden weight gain but now I'm really fed up of them.

John carlos Llanes says:

I got my first stretch marks when i was in grade 6

Venkatesh Raikar says:

That second method How much time should I leave it for and should I wash it with water or remove it with a towel
Can anyone tell me pls?

CavernousCoot says:

I have stretch marks as a 11 year old because of my butt :c

haya noor says:

Does it works

Tia Bailey says:

I’m 12 and when I got my stretch marks I stopped wearing short and bathing suit I’m so self conscious about them

blabla A says:

Am I the only one that finds stretch marks really cool? They look like you've been in a maaad fight. I WISH I had stretch marks. I mean…who doesn't want to look like scar from the lion king?

sudheendra sudheendra says:

Does it works

Tarannom Nawshin says:

I'm 22 and I've extreme strech marks on my thighs & legs.So I want to try this home remides bt is it work really?or how many days I have to use this?

K C says:

Is the fresh aloe vera remedy applicable for armpit stretch mark?

Moh Azzam says:

I gained a lot weight in a shot period of time but like 20lbs from when I used to very skinny so I got stretch marks on my arms thighs and stomach, they’re purple does this help reduce the appearance? And do I follow one of the remedies or all of them?

Aero says:

I recently got stretch marks on my hips and breasts and i tried different products but it only spreads even more

Jellian Tirol says:

Can I use aloe gel from luxxe organic?

Graal D. says:

Oh y'all hate your stretch marks. I love miiine! HAHAHAHAH

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