How To Put Your Baby To Sleep, According To “The Baby Whisperer”

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Dr. Harvey Karp, also known as “The Baby Whisperer,” explains how to put your baby to sleep using his five S’s. This involves swaddling the baby, providing gentle white noise, and rocking the child. By doing this you are imitating the womb, which helps the baby to fall asleep.

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Produced by: Barbara Corbellini Duarte

Animation by: Rob Ludacer


Christy Louis says:

I like how a man knows all of this information. Even better then some mothers do.

Christy Louis says:

I like how a man knows all of this information. Even better then some mothers do.

Aiman mazloum says:

Now we need toddler whisperer please !!

Journeys End says:

Male expert…… Woman have been having babies for hundreds of years…….

Royal Squad says:

Or just heat up a bottle and give it to them ….

I haven’t taken a shower in 7 weeks but says:

That baby was more relaxed than I’ve been in like eight years

Cassie Lewis says:

I'm a parent and I watched this

Daustyna A says:

I swaddle babies then give them their pacifier. I don’t swing or rock them , but I do lightly pat them on their backs in the rhythm of a heart beat. It helps them relieve any burps they have left. Get eight babies at one time is possible guys trust me it works. Lastly I pray that they have beautiful dreams. Any constantly checking in on them is key.

Rosydreams says:

What about babies with colic and acid reflux. I swear babies with these problems never sleep.

camilla paredes says:

When Andrien Brody is not in movies

Lefe says:

Throw him off a building that will shut it up

Parth Patel says:

This only works for newborns for 2 months max

James Miranda says:

This actually is working with my daughter.

Jiany Star Massa vich says:

Why rapping them! Give the ability to MOVE!!! They are no longer in the womb! You try wrapping yout arms!!!

G Scarlatti says:

Sticking it in a crib and letting it cry itself to sleep works just fine for me.

Chloe Isabelle says:

I don’t know if I agree with this….

pinkss ak says:

His shaking the baby

Molly Mayor says:

My son is 28 he had a dummy from birth. Eventually he would have 5 – 1 in the mouth two in each hand that he rubbed on his cheeks. He slept through the night from birth. I would actually have to force him to wake for a feed. Being a calm parent contributes so much to a baby sleeping and being peaceful. Nice video though , thanks

Simon Devasagayam says:

Not put to sleep bro. It means kill. Even. Sick animals. Put to sleep. Kill. Proper phrase ' make them sleep'

Kimberly Vergara says:

What if you have twin boys who like to cry alot at the same time and shit everywhere at the same time lmao helpppppp

Jenni B says:

Coming from a large family, i have experience with babies. This guy got some things wrong. When a baby creates a habit of sucking its thumb, it can take years for the kid to stop. Sometimes they even get fungus or infections on their thumb for constantly being in their mouth and their front teeth start growing outwards.

BadHattie says:

Putting a baby to sleep is not nearly as hard as keeping them asleep. OMG.

RANDOM Videos 1 says:

‘The baby whisperer” sounds a little bit Creepy!!

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