How to prepare for your first baby (reborn or silicone) (doll)

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Aquarius Creek says:

This sculpt looks a lot like the mini silicone baby by Lorna Miller Sands.

thelordsbattlefield says:

he is so cute

Mary Elizabeth (PJ) says:

Good Tips! Cutie Pie!

Nicole Stolz says:

Great video and sooo to the point! I agree with the basics like a blanket even though I would hope they are all packed with one than brush and comb set if they are rooted dolls. I have a baby head band buying thing going on but that's just me haha :) I agree with the comment of the pacis because some don't fit my baby's face so well but they still can be used!

OFFtheWallBRE says:

I'm going to buy newborn pampers, some bottles and a diaper bag soon then.

OFFtheWallBRE says:

I'm saving up three months worth for the reborn of my dreams. it's a baby girl, ethnic. I hope I can save money. and I hope it's worth it

Melinda Mommytodollbabies says:

great video

ShaGurl609 says:

Nice Tips I remember going out to buy 6/9 month clothes For Harmony Only to find they were too Big lol

Deirdres Reborns says:

I was told that my silicone coming is 19/20 inches and wears newborn r 0/3 months,what do you think xxhugs

Piper Raelin says:

ily soooo much!!!!! :-*

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