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Hi guys! I’m so excited to share all of my newborn prep advice in this video! I will try to leave as many things linked as I can but feel free to comment or reach out on instagram if you have any more questions! Also leave your advice or anything you agree with in the comments! ❤️

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11:48 Best Advice!

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Samantha Sprague says:

When breastfeeding follow babies hunger cues. Feed on demand. Know if baby is wanting to nurse constantly it's normal and it's how baby builds your supply. When baby is wanting to nurse constantly it's called cluster feeding. There are a bunch of breastfeeding videos here on YouTube. There are also IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant)

Samantha Sprague says:

Depending on the manufacturer the base will also have to be replaced if you were in an accident. Not just the seat itself. I recommend practicing installing the car seat but not leaving it installed. Wait to keep it installed until you're in labor or the day before your scheduled induction/ c-section.

Tiffany Danilewicz Roberts says:

Also you don't need baby supplies at all in the hospital they'll provide it. All you need and this an absolute NEED as you cannot leave the hospital without having a proper carseat, yes, you will not be allowed to leave, and possibly a changing mat etc in case of a blow out on the way home etc. And if you are concerned about breastfeeding while you absolutely have someone to help at the hospital and can even get lactation specialists to help you from many organizations as well as the hospital. But if you think you'll need help after bring any supplies you will be using so that you can get advice and practice with the actual items you'll be using at home. Otherwise they have hospital grade breastfeeding equipment etc to use in hospital. So really for baby you don't need much but the carseat and a going home outfit and appx 3 blankets. Also helpful if you aren't super comfortable breastfeeding with people coming in and out of your room, visitors etc. Bring a breastfeeding cover or extra muslim blanket (reccomended! Soft and airflow!) To use with baby. Otherwise most things you bring are really just stuff for yourself and your partner if you will be having one there. Everything else is prepping for when baby is home. And the pet thing is so important. Have it set up, I'm glad she actually put that in here. Because most people don't mention that. You need to think that you and your partner will not be able or want to leave the hospital to take care of any pets at home. Get a guaranteed petsitter ahead of time, and a possible back up even just in case. Figure out the details, how they'll get inside if you have to rush to hospital before they can get there etc. Write out detailed directions and anything to watch out for etc. Awesome job to see that actually included in one of these videos, first one! Nicely done. But besides obviously educating yourself by professionals as much as possible (there is always non profits that can help as well. Just ask for help. It's out there) but for breastfeeding, they'll help you in the hospital as well. Don't stress so much about this. And all you mommas out there, you got this! And congratulations!!

Tiffany Danilewicz Roberts says:

You do not need a nursery. A baby should actually be in your room and by your bed for the first 6 months minimum actually reccomended by safety organizations that they're in there the whole first year. And also side note, yes prewash baby stuff with baby safe detergent like dreft, on cold and tumble dry WITHOUT any fabric softener. Not ideal to put in your own laundry assuming you use any fabric softeners, scent boosters etc. They can cause skin reactions for baby and aren't necessary at all for baby's stuff. So its an unnecessary risk to have to deal with when you are bringing home a new baby.

Kristine Pua says:

I'm due august 2021. Only 1 week and i'll be entering the third trimester. My son and my little girl are like 8 years apart. So it's like starting all over again. I'm so glad I came across this video. Just so I can have a checklist..

Hazey Gold says:

I have 4 weeks left my first baby with a Baby boy. I've been searching making sure I have everything I need!

Claudia Jade says:

This was very helpful! I am very keen on breastfeeding (and later breastfeeding, pumping and bottlefeeding), but I was initally planning on just getting a pump a little further down the track once I was looking to return to work. This makes me realise I should probs have the pump Ready to go in case they can't latch and I want to pump straightaway, as well as look into formula just in case end up going down that path.

I am who You say I am says:

Very helpful tips, thank you :)

Jasmine Hall says:

First time mom here and im due at the end of June, would it be weird for me to pack a small suitcase for the hospital bag? Or should it be a duffle bag? I don't want people looking at me like im crazy with a suitcase lol

Diana Hernandez says:

THANK YOU! Everything you said where thing's that I don't know that I FIGURED I would learn a long the way… i see that I was WAY WRONG lol Im 15 weeks with 1st baby, so I'm learning lol This was ABSOLUTELY informative for a first timer! Thank you!!!

Queen Marie says:

Im due May 28, 2021 Your vid is very helpful especially when im a first time mom, im gonna be having a baby girl and her name is gonna be Zooey

Leora Cho says:

Lol first time mom here and I didn’t finish my nursery until after my baby was born!

Brianna Venetia says:

loved this video thank you!!

Kelly S says:

So helpful thank you!

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