How to Prepare a Toddler for a New Baby – BECOMING A BIG BROTHER / SISTER!

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Today I’m sharing the advice that helped my two and a half (2.5) year old toddler prepare for life with a new baby! A newborn coming into the family is of course a huge adjustment for everyone but especially when it means becoming a big brother or a big sister for the first time.

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Leslie Johnson says:

I love the idea of keeping it positive but it's definitely something I struggle with and have caught myself on a couple occasions already. How did you put a positive spin on pregnancy exhaustion and not making it seem like you're blaming baby?

Crown Yourself says:

Great tips! Thank you so much! Watched this with my toddler and he loved the books – especially the digger one. And i love how you say to focus on the big picture – that's what I always tell my clients for business, but it applies just as much in parenting. Helping them see beyond the day-to-day to the long term possibility. Great video!

Monica Flores says:

I hope my son gets along with our new baby girl.
I have been involving him on the preparation of his new baby sister.
Like helping wash and fold clothes and have him see all the baby gear we are getting ready to use.
I explain to him that he will be staying with his godparents when we gl to the hospital to have baby and bring her home with all of us.

Giya Victoria says:

Thank you for this, just what I needed, books and how to keep it casual for the toddler. This is awesome!

A R says:

This had been hard to do. My daughter will be 23 months when we have our second daughter. Covid makes it impossible to point out babies

In The Groove with Ms. Ra'Chelle says:

One great way to stay engaged with your toddler/other child while caring for your baby is to NARRATE , NARRATE , NARRATE!
"I'm picking up the blue blanket to put on (baby's name). Now I will wrap the blanket around her two legs and two arms: (while doing it) One leg, two legs. One arm, two arms."
*Invite the child to see/help/participate when it is appropriate to do so just like everyone says- just remember to *NARRATE whatever's happening as often as you can.**

*TIP* Make some mundane things a little event by announcing them with a *jingle*. You can sing or recite a simple rhyme like:
(Tune of "Twinkle Twinkle")
"Ella it's time to change diaper now. Zachary watch I'll show you how."
Choose a tune/phrasing that you can use instinctively. Switch up the lyrics to fit whatever you want to *"Jinglize"*.

1) It's good for your toddler:
He/She can feel included in your time with Baby and even begin to exercise empathy and care for Baby. Hearing you talk about Baby's needs and being included in helping Baby stay healthy and happy helps your toddler be invested in the well-being of his/her baby brother or sister.
2) It's good for Baby:
Baby is hearing you talk about his or her face, body, toys, food, big brother, etc. You're helping Baby discover the world, learn about communication, and feel engaged and connected to everyone and everything in their little world.
3) It's good for YOU:
Speaking at a low, steady tone can be an important way to temper stress and reduce the likelihood of feeling flustered and overwhelmed in certain situations. If you need to take 3 slow breaths, Narrate that and tell Baby and Toddler why. "There's a lot happening right now. Mommy's going to stop for just a minute to breathe in (inhale)….. and breathe out (exhale)." Now your own voice has preempted a panic response in your body and you have reminded yourself that you are in control of the situation and you can not only handle life but you can rock it!

There is no magic cure-all and trying times will come, but you are strong enough to find your *Groove*.

Cath and Family Vlogs says:

Thank u so much
You're lovely

A fan from Philippines

Jessica Schwartz says:

I had a very similar experience and totally agree! Epidural with number one and unmediated with number two. Much preferred unmediated, for the same reasons you experienced.

Anna G. says:

This is a great video! We're still a few years out from having kids, but I'll keep these ideas in mind. When my younger sisters were born, the older sisters got a little "present" from the baby–something simple like a balloon or a book–to sweeten the deal XD

banole says:

Just brought a new baby home yesterday so this video is SUPER relative! I totally agree to get big brother involved and excited is key. My older son was so excited to have "jobs" like reminding people to wash their hands and read to brother everyday. MY only question is any advice when older child doesn't fully understand how to be gentle? My older son can sometimes squeeze baby or poke cute baby a little too hard and it gets me so nervous but at the same time I don't want to discourage bonding.

R. Whitaker says:

I love the idea of presenting the new baby in such a positive and loving manner. I hope your boys will be best friends for life ❤️
Those books are really beautiful, especially the Usborne one.

Brenda says:

How cute I am pregnant with my 3th baby and my kids are really excited

Lizco77 says:

Very well put! So important to focus on the positive, that's what I tell the parents in my class all the time!

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