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Miranda teaches u all how to potty train the baby

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Morgan Trapnell says:

parker is a savage saying that Marandas butt is too big

Kaia c says:

Parker: your butt is to big
in parkers head:oh no I'm going down

Bilal Kazi says:

your butt is too big hahahahahahaha

Maryam Fatima says:

No smileeeeeeenn

Pattee Retana says:

Hahaha was so cute

Kim Lewis says:

Miranda you were stupid he knows how to potty train

Teresa Wisniewski says:

that's never how you go to the bathroom maranda

Puppies are AWSOME says:

Your going in your pants

Puppies are AWSOME says:

You put the diaper on wrong Miranda

Sarah Strain says:

I hate mirand

Robert lokonda says:

It is push not puch

Natalie Jones says:

Why did not shit

Dave Charlton says:

your but is to big Miranda thank you for God sake

Romina Lacatus says:

0:44 Parker looks like he wants to kiss miranda

Madison Rogers says:

when parker told Miranda her butts to big I almost suffocated with laughter XD

Madison Rogers says:

when Miranda was all up in the kids face I was laughing so hard XD like the comment it u did to also say if u did

Marjorie labbe says:

Parker : I can't put it on.
Miranda: why.
Parker: Because.
Miranda: Because what?
Parker: your butt is to big.

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