How to: OB Ultrasound – Normal Pregnancy Case Study

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Learn what to look for to diagnose a normal intrauterine pregnancy. Here, Dr Perera uses SonoSite portable ultrasound.




to begin with…

Sayf Alhayaly says:

it's very educational >> thank you

Ching Hooi says:

thank you sir for your hardwork and sharing

w robbins says:

meringue baby!!!!

sadik zbair says:

THANKS FOR sharing

patrick adu-poku says:

i love thi tution

Deborah Childs says:

I found this video very educational. I have to agree with Low Kah Pin though on the medical terminology. Other than the video was superb and I learned how to read an ultrasound.

Low Kah Pin says:

a minor misrepresentation: presence of two intrauterine sac means diamniotic, not dichorionic. presence of lambda sign signify dichorionic (2 placenta).

elliebean215 says:

Awesome video- very helpful. Thanks

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