"How to make homemade baby food" – Tips to Grow By (WKYC)

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Danielle Dimengo, RD/LD, a clinical dietitian at Akron Children’s Hospital, offers tips for preparing a nutritious diet for your baby. Originally aired on http://www.wkyc.com as part of the hospital’s Tips to Grow By series.


Marie G says:

It's better to bake the fruits & vegetables it's much healthier. Apples core cut in half place skin up. And then blend & then put through a mesh strainer. Pitted fruits you can blend without cooking just peel. And you can add watered down apple juice or just water. But I just smush with a fork. Vegetables like pumpkin & squashes I cut in half and place skin up & bake. Then remove seed & just scrape the squash out & blend with some water. Yams the same. Bananas I use very ripe or almost to that. Usually Convenience store sell very ripe bananas. I put them in a bowl & mush as I feed my grandson. I did this with all my kids. Cooking fruit & vegetables in water you lose all the vitamins you might as well but jar food lol

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