How to make Healthy Baby Food | Baby Food Recepie for 6+ months | Linda Barry

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How to make Healthy Baby Food | Baby Food Recepie for 6+ months | Linda Barry

4 Zuchinis
~40g Salmon
3-4 Cooked White Rice
2 tbsp Olive Oil

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Chin Geok Tan says:

is it necessary to add olive oil, in the video, it was not shown

Acky Akoustik says:

no ingrediens??

Cheryl Masaveg says:

I just found your channel and this is So helpful! I have just started watching.. So Please Forgive me if you have already answered this question in another video. I was wondering… When you're creating a baby food recipe that contains a meat, vegetable, and rice. How do you determine the amount of each ingredient? I'm assuming you would go with the same basic portions that an adult would use.. So it would be 1/2 vegetables to, 1/4 meat/protein to, 1/4 rice or carb. Would that be a good place to start or should I increase the vegetables by 3/4 and fill the last 1/4 with a meat, and/or carb or rice? I'm also assuming that this will change with age. Oh! Do you ever use any seasonings? Even just something simple like a very small pinch of salt and or pepper?

PureCocoaGirl xD says:

please do make more videos like this I am a new mom and am trying to get things and ideas prepared for my daughter when she gets here. Your videos are so inspiring and uplifting to me. Please never stop

Smileyquanta says:

Wow this is a great video. I wish I knew all of this when my kids were younger.

Caylie B says:

I hope I'm as amazing of a mother as you one day

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