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You asked for it! Here’s how to make your own baby food (Stage 1 purees) at home. This is an easy DIY that I do once a week with fruits and veggies, for both fresh and frozen foods. You can make a variety of baby foods this way and use breastmilk instead of water. Some people do not steam or peel certain fruits or vegetables (for nutrition value) this is just how I prefer to make my baby foods.

What I used:

Baby Bullet:

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My name is Angela and I’m addicted to all things beauty. I have been since I was about 4 years old. I upload makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, product reviews, as well as videos about Amazon finds, luxury designer hauls, skincare, life, motherhood, fashion and home decor.


Angela Lanter


N Bika Candas says:

I was just here to get ideas about more combinations, like what goes well with what. It worked for me thank you. I'd cook them with a little steamer so keep all the vitamins and won't throw the water in my pot bu use it when making puree. The more vits the better, isn't it? Thank you for the video.

The Osborn Family says:

You just got a new sub !! Your so chill and pretty

Amber Rae says:

If we are pureeing the fruits & veggies then why do we need to peel them? Does it not blend into the same consistency to avoid choking hazards?

K,J& Baby-B says:

I' gong to make some of this for my babygirl. but my doctor and all the othwr People told me that babys not should eat spinah before they are 1year old or more?

Alexa Evans says:

Lots of studies have shown that organic food is not nutritionally better and does not necessarily have less pesticides. Organic farming practices still use pesticides, just less. But these extra pesticides in conventional farming are not significant enough to even affect a human's body. Don't pay more for oragnic!

nancy ochoa says:

Hello so if it get freeze how long can it be on the freezer and still good?

Viviana Guzman says:

You're such a good mom, btw l like your makeup and hair lol.

momo mimi says:

Vegetables only. Steamed not boiled. There is just way too much sugar in what you made. Way too much fruit at too early of an age that activates the dopamine response system leading to sugar addiction that is really bad for the liver and can lead to obesity and diabetes. Use more vegetables, meat , and animal and coconut fats.

suselie metellus says:

Where’s your hello baby podcast?

Edward says:

That baby bullet doesn't seem to work well

Susanna Wincor says:

Hey Angela, thank you for the video! I have a question: could one also use raw blueberries? Why do you boil them? Isn't it save for the baby to enjoy them uncooked too? :)

Karina C says:

How much water or breast milk would you need to add for it to be purée ?

briannah hagger says:

how old is your baby?

Lindsey Pindsey says:

You should definitely rinse the spinach even if the package says it's been rinsed. You never know how clean greens actually are. (Also, I've found caterpillars, ladybugs, and other little critters in organic spinach on several occasions.)

Just Jessi says:

My baby is 4 months old and her doctor said no butter or anything salty because their bodies can process sodium very well yet. My suggestion is asking your pediatrician before making any recipes just to check what is best for YOUR baby. Every mama is different so no hate. Loved the video!

Stephanie Lynn says:

I’m not getting any sound when she talks

aneara666 says:

It is so clear how much you care about your daughter and I have so much respect for you because of that.

Shatrondra Crawford says:

Can you share the brands of the oatmeal you recommend making for the baby please? ☺️

mariana correa says:

You have to steam the veggie or use very little water and then puré them with the water. That way all the nutrients dont get wasted in the water.

Ronke Faleye says:

Seems like a silly question but I’m really stuck on this. When i take the food out of the freezer/fridge, do i warm it up or put it in the microwave?

Mosa Seane says:

How do you warm baby food after leaving it in the refrigerator for about 3 days?

Fearless-Rylee says:

My daughter hates baby food but she LOVES actually food. I’m looking into cooking it myself.

Seneca Red says:

Thank you for making this video!! It's super helpful, as I'm really wanting to make my own! :) Currently making my own sweet potato baby food. :)

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