How to make baby food: BULK COOKING (stage 1 vegetables)

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Here is my process for making my own organic baby food. This video was requested and I hope it’s helpful to you if you are considering making your own baby food :)

Please let me know if you would like to see how to make anything else! I’m happy to share! xo!

My favorite baby food container:





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Tracey's World says:

Hi for medical reasons I have to eat puree foods so I'm scrolling looking for ideas because there are so many things I hate and can't eat like veggies so I'm scrolling and at a low moment and what do I see little Carson it gave me the biggest SMILE I have been watching for years now! Thank you it just brightened my DAY!

babygurl20007 says:

Thank you for the ideas! I'm due Feb 14th but I think hes going to come earlier lol. I know its too early to be thinking about making baby food lol but I have alot to learn so never to early to learn.

Alyssa Marsh says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing. Great tip with the breast milk bags.

Alexa Mccoy says:

2 things wrong I saw . You need to cool veggies instantly to stop cooking process and if starting baby you need to do the food five days straight with nothing else to check for allergies

Yesenia Astorga says:

Great video I’m a first time mom due in August 1 can’t wait to make this for my baby

Porsha La Vie Belle says:

Omg your baby is beautiful. He is so handsome ❤

ALI AMAN says:

Baby food makers – Healthy homemade baby food, easy in minutes!

Desiree C says:

Hello ma'am, how long does baby food last in freezer? Have you considered freeze drying? I don't have husband or baby yet but want to start this next year!

Natalie Quinn Fan says:

Thanks do it on a dime

Miguel Rodriguez says:

How long can they last in the freezer?

Justin Horishnyk says:

Awesome job

RoseLaMort says:

My baby like applesause. How do you do your apples?

Kevin Leong says:

How long do they keep for?

Sowjanya says:

how many days I can store this food in the fridge?

Kat London says:

Thank you!!

Mandy Sullivan says:

Wow. This is fantastic!!! Such great color compared to the jar store kinds and so much healthier! I'm due in November and I plan on making my son homemade baby food.

Raven Burton says:

should clean blender everytime!

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