How to Make Baby Food- at home in your kitchen

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Learn how easy it is to make healthy homemade baby food for your infant. With the right approach you can save time and money while giving your child a healthier option than store bought baby food. The good news is you don’t even have to be a good cook to make great baby food. You also don’t need any extra equipment specific to making making baby food. Hope this helps convince you to give your child a great healthy start by making their food at home. Home made baby food can be done in batches to save time and money! Give making your babies food at home a try and you wont be sorry!


Antoinette Jones says:

I don't understand the rules of "boiling". I have a nutribullet for myself where I can grind anything hard like carrots or almonds without cooking the food. Do we have to boil to make the food "safe"? If so, why don't we boil certain foods like bananas or avocados? would it be unsafe to make baby food from a nutribullet all raw?

Kim Van Breda says:

thank you so much. I have to eat prepped food for fitness. And I just cant eat it all in one day. But as baby food I can eat much more at once.

hiep vu says:

i wish i was ur child so i can suck on ur nice beautiful tities

Asma Razaqi says:

Great info but you should never boil your vegetables because you will lose all the nutrition. Vegetables should just be steamed or baked and blended. Fruits can be washed and thrown in the baby bullet or the like.

elydia berling says:

Awesome thanks for the info!!!

vahennava says:

the cottage cheese and date jam is such an awesome idea!!! thank you!

JasFamily says:

What are the name of the jars and what section did u buy them at Wal-Mart, can't seem to find them.. maybe ill order them 

mary astrid lopez illezcas says:

Hi Talya i was wondering if you could like add lemon as a preservative or there is no need? and for how long will the baby food will last?

Andrew82688 says:

Would a food mill work to get out the grape skins or say raspberry skins or blueberry skins

Me and My Hair says:

Awesome video! Although its best to always start babies on organic fruit and veg inorder to avoid GMO. As long as you cook organic food, you can use the water you've used to steam the food. Also it's best to steam rather than boil as boiling reduces the vitamins. Just thought I'd mention these.

However u r doing a great job! X

viciousspit says:

Thanks so much for sharing. However, any peditrician/nurse would tell you to never buy low fat products for babies under 2 yrs old. They need all the nutrition they get from fat in order to develop fully. No fat or low fat means extra processed foods, extra treated, therefore, barely anything nutritious left behind. It's much healthier to give them the full fat products. At least that's how we do it here in Canada. Recommendations are maybe different in US…

azsunshine68 says:

Thank you sooo much!  very helpful, great Ideas! Love it. God Bless you and your family

Justine San Jose says:

hello, great video. Was wondering where you can buy an automatic baby feeder? 

Beata Kiss says:

how strange, so far everything to do with babies is one thing apposing the other! I heard that you should use the water you cooked them in because it´s filled with vitamins.


Natalie Smith says:

Thank you very much! This helped a lot :)x

Kaye Colico says:

Big help.thank you!

Tuyet Huynh (powowow08) says:

For the jars, do you use the 2pieces lids?! If yes. How do you put them together?! 

Devin Ortiz says:

u r smart 

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