How to Make Baby Born Food!

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“How many baby alives do you have?”
“What do you film on?”
iPhone 6s
“Whatdo you edit with?”
iMovie on my phone or computer :)
“What is your video schedule?”
I don’t have a specific schedule….. I try to post weekly, sometimes DAILY! So just stay tuned!
“How do you make your babies voices?”
I speed the clip up on iMovie. I’ll do a tutorial soon. :)
“What do you use to make your thumbnails?”
Photo Grid and occasionally Phonto
“How did you make your intro?”
I edited the clips on iMovie, and added the text using Vont.
“How old are you?”
I can’t say my exact age (for safety reasons) but I’m in middle school.


Erma Murray says:

My baby born is called rueben!!

Nithea Akelah says:

I made the food it's awesome

Sharee Ingram says:

I fed this to my baby born doll Suhaylah a couple times and she got clogged up

Nickie Massey says:

Can u use banking powder

let's play dolls together dollfans says:

this made my doll clog up and then she spat a lot of it out because I was holding her and next of all there was orange runny water thing on my top

Ida ZINSOU says:

i have got baby born girl ethnic doll which means brown

Baby alive care says:

Ur baby is so cute

The Kitty Club says:

Could I use this for a baby alive

Baby Alive world101 says:

I love u please subscribe to me!

Kelsey Jordyn says:

can you please make a video about how you made your intro

bellissima 1202 says:

first view like and commet

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