how to lay on your stomach while 8 months pregnant

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thompson lorrie says:

I’m gonna try this bc I’m 6 months & this side sleeping is for the birds
lol. As for my husband…well long as I’m comfy he’ll understand lol! !

Jazz2009ism says:

And where can my husband sleep? lol.

proudSomalisis says:

wow good tip! I have always slept on my tummy. Now that i am 4 months
preganant i wonder if its ok to do. At 8 i will surely use this tip. thanks.

marquendra says:


Erica Duda says:

OMG THANK YOU!! I’m driving myself crazy not being able to sleep on my
stomach. Those “snoogle” pillows do NOTHING! I love going to the beach
because I can build a “belly well” easily!

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