How to Keep Weight Gain Under Control During Pregnancy

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I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and in this video I give you nutrition and lifestyle tips to follow during pregnancy to keep your weight gain under control. I also talk about much extra calories you really need in each trimester and what kinds of foods you can eat to help nourish your baby and fuel your body! I talk about how you can stay slim during pregnancy while ensuring your baby is healthy and growing just by being active and staying fit! Hope you enjoy :)
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Lauren Jane Lloyd says:

You are so sweet and I love your take on HEALTH during pregnancy.

Paige Grays says:

I completely agree with you, but for me, the first 2months I was hungry all of the time!!! Luckily I'm not feeling that way anymore. I do eat very healthy so hopefully I don't gain a bunch of weight..

Sommer Kelsey Foard says:

He is sooo cute playing everywhere LOL

Katharine Strickland says:

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Muminspire Kids says:

Great advice that is very well given, a million thumbs up for this video.

Ramya Pulakhandam says:

Hi Marla..I just got confirmation about my pregnancy..I am in week 1..Before getting pregnant I used to follow a 900 calories diet plan which includes eggs and oats.. can I still follow that?I mean is 900 calories are enough like before during the first trimester?

Sarmite Veze says:

You shouldn't stay slim. You should stay healthy, and accept the fact you're going to gain weight. Don't make pregnant woman think of themselves as fat. Gaining. weight. Is. Normal.

Aubrie Mindock says:

It's called fasting and counting calories. At most I eat 1200 calories a day. Usually I am between 800 and 1000 a day. Yesterday I ate 1200 so today I am fasting because I had too many calories yesterday.

Mona Warda says:

Excellent information and v well presented …

LocStar Revolution says:

I’m pregnant with twins, my doctor said NORMAL walking pace for 30 minutes max because I haven’t been working out before I got pregnant. Be SAFE, Ladies and not overly vain about how you look. Your baby and pregnancy comes first and talk to your doctor before you begin ANY workout regime.

Tamica Wreaks says:

Marla Aycho
Im in my 2nd trimester,, you have opened my eyes, and have been very helpful…. I wouldn't say im a healthiest person ,but i do eating a lot of fruit and veg, when i found out i was pregnant i was 84kg now 86kg so very happy that i havent put on to much weight, I exercise in my pool and a walk and i work 3 days a week and it is very active …. So im hoping im on right track lol thank you for this video

Bushra Khan says:

Im overweight little bit and 1 month pregnant. Its my first baby
I was not that active before just walking was my activity . What should i do to be fit during my pregnancy .

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