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In this video, I show you guys how I make an easy, Homemade Applesauce recipe for my daughter, Adriana. Even if you don’t have kids, this applesauce would be awesome on its own or in baking recipes.

All you need are Organic Apples, a little of Cinnamon and a little bit of fresh Lemon Juice. That’s it. So simple, delicious and nutritious.

Thanks for watching. Hope you guys enjoy this video and recipe. If you’d like to see more cooking videos, make sure to like, comment and share to let me know that you do.


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Waheeda Moosa says:

Hi leyla I wanted to know wen you started oats porridge with your babies and if you could give me some great breakfast ideas for my 4 month old baby thanks and great ideas love your channel

eternalight241 says:

Just had dental surgery, and I am gonna make this!

Jirawati Lakra says:

You must try indian foods

Pritee Kamlakar says:

How much time can store in fridge.

Amanda P says:

Please be careful when using knives. You're going to cut your finger off if you keep doing it this way! Use a chef's nice to chop the apples instead of sawing them with a serrated knife, and curl your fingertips in.

Agnes P. says:

Usually they add sugar. Can I replace with honey?

Maryam Zusa says:

Hi Leyla! thanks for sharing this.. I have a question do you use it as fruit puree to feed her directly with it like for a snack) or do you use it mixed with other foods like FOR how long can you store this in the fridge? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Atiya Bukhari says:

hi mam …how many days i can store it?

Greeshma George says:

how do u store the sauce ? and how long is it safe to refrigerate?

Greeshma George says:

can you tell me the pan that you are using?

Femme Intangible says:

Better to steam the apples :)

Sadia Qoureshi says:

Thanks Leila!You are such a good mom,MashAllah!I have a 13month old daughter & in sha Allah I'll try your applesauce recipe.please share more of your baby food recipes with us.

Roushna Raheem says:

How many days we can keep dis sauce

Ajit Singh says:

plz put the black sauce aswell that I saw in another video next to apple sauce plz

Shilpa Kumar says:

is it anymore nutritious after boiling apples?

Thash KY says:

How long can we store it ???

Jeyanthi Konar says:

how many days we can keep in fridge

Pooja Singh says:

how long we can store it

rosie trava says:

Love it and my babies are 7 and 11.

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