How to hold a Newborn Infant

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Jessica Pace says:

very nice video for first time mommies and daddies.

deeplydeepali says:

Gotta share this with hubby. He's afraid of newborns and their weak necks :P

tigerdolphinbadger says:

Great vid mate. Im a bit scared everytime i pick my 10 day old up! Thanks

Emily Rijo says:

Everytime i try to carry my newborn cousin, i feel like hes gonna fall lol, hes so tiny

SuChan . says:

Oh my. Thanks for this! I'm a fresh-aunt and I'm really afraid to hold my little niece. I never hold a baby before and now I can practice a bit with a plushie.

InMa DeDe says:

un super papi……..

MrMandomichelle says:

Helped out alot :)

soundsofstress says:

I'm a daddy today :) nice tips

audrey9566 says:

your baby is cute!

Azizi Adnan says:

m goin to b dad nx wk.

J. Haynes says:

Great explanation – Thanks!

FPRprogram says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing how to properly hold an infant.

youraveragemat says:

That baby is so cute. Thanks for the tips.

Jewel Ariel says:

Today I was at the pediatrician and saw an extremely careless couple. I searched this video purposely because I knew they were wrong. They held the new born baby without offering him any neck support. Each time the parents took turns holding him, they had their hands on the back of his shoulders, and his head just dangled back. This can lead to future problems in the neck and spinal cord. Very informative video, thank you. Babies are too sensitive we should know these things.

metaltera86 says:

Cute baby man!

Alfredo Pelaez says:

Thanks! I'm in the hospital holding our newborn and just wanted to make sure I am doing it right. This child makes me think I really don't know anything about anything!

spider HEART says:

@penial1 Yes, always make sure the head is secure. =)

pravash kandi says:

Thanks for uploading such a nice video.

Joana Monroy says:

aawwwwww what a great daddy =]

TAMUC DrDawg says:

I will send my Piaget class to watch this. We are studying the first period of sensorimotor development. Thanks for the video. Well done!

dweathers701 says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Su Li says:

should a baby under 4m have a head lag while you hold them? Does that mean u r holding them wrong?

Clancy Thomas says:

@WiccanHighPriest0 um. Ok.

feydrus says:

@WiccanHighPriest0 I used work at an infant daycare so I am a strong advocate of dads doing their share of infant care. In my opinion, many of the skills used to care for babies are not taught to males growing up. I had to learn how to be gentle, how to express empathy and care which is a complex combination of physical and emotive acts that men just don't do normally. But it can all be learned with dedication and patience. Penis hygiene is important and required; dads shouldn't fear that task .

feydrus says:

@Clanky159 Good luck and have fun! Babies this young instinctively pick up on your mood and feelings, so if you can remain confident, calm and relaxed it will help you soothe them too. I think that's why singing softly to babies is so universal. It seems and ideal way to keep us and them calm at the same time.

Clancy Thomas says:

THANK YOU!!! I am 12 years old and next weekend I am babysitting a 6 week old (soo cute!) so i needed to know this.

Simon Taylor says:

Nice! Great to see info for new Dads! Congratulations (presuming that is your baby! :))

Amit Dhumash says:

this baby is sooooo cute ….. a great way to hold newborn. Thanks for helping … and again that baby is soooooooo cute

bele1 says:

Great Job. It is really helpful. Thanks

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