How To Hold A Baby – Newborn Care

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Learn to hold a baby in a safe and comfortable manner!

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How to hold a baby:

• Babies are not as fragile as we think
• Support to neck and spine is important

Let’s look at the first hold which is also known as the cradle hold:

1. Your baby is lying on the bed.
2. Place one had under the baby’s neck and support the neck and
the head with this hand.
3. Now place the other hand below the spine & support the spine
and buttocks with this hand.
4.You can now slowly lift the baby.
5. You can now also move the baby to an upright position against
your body
6. Being close to you the child will feel safe & warm
7. As you gain confidence, you may hold the baby with just one
8. In order do this, use the crook of your arm to support the head
and the neck, while the arm supports the spine and the
9. Even holding this way you can get the baby in an upright
10. Use your hand to support the head and the neck, the arm to
support the spine and the crook of your arm to support the


• Use baby sling or a front carrier which is age appropriate


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