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QuakeZ says:

So damn cute

Piggyback Rider says:

How to hold a baby via +JordanWatson

Piggyback Rider says:

What about when they are a toddler? #ridethebar

Drew Carter says:

He has so much potential but his shirt says otherwise.

theEpic bob says:

Is anyone else watching this for no reason?

Glytch Harkness says:

holy fuck i cringed with fear at the bird on a wire hold

Flaminia Liu says:

Is there anyone who can tell me waht did he say at the very beginging?

wellfuckman says:

i came to this video cus i was hanging out with my cousin (girl) girl friends, suggest i hold one of their kid baby, they all laughed at me……

Neil Nekepe says:

This should be compulsory viewing for all new parents in NZ. I have seen so many parents dragging their babies by one leg or one arm or holding them upside down under the arm  like a sack of spuds , they just don't care.

Peter Nguyen says:

The baby's white just sayin

Stefan Dokic says:

Poor baby :(

Larex Lara says:

coitado do bebé XD

aaronimpactnz says:

Over 2 million views? I hope you monetized this video.

Vladinho says:

Adam Sandler is that you?!

Grace Stuben says:

Serious expertise here.

Kerboow70 says:

thought this was a troll video, dats why i clicked :(

Sir Nassz says:

Instructions unclear. My baby exploded. And I retried 1220 times, no succes. All babies are dead.

Mochino Flaco says:

When dad is alone with the baby

marina avener says:

he is really attractive 0.0
kind of reminds me of Ryan Gosling

Corey W says:

I always hold mine at torso level with one hand on the butt & one arm across the chest, she's spoiled to it haha

HesterAlphenaar says:

Poot child

osmadchlo says:

"stinky nappy for you" Whole thing was pretty dang cute!

Fjolltzu says:

Why are babies so damn ugly ?

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