How To Hide Your Pregnant Tummy

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This guide shows you How To Hide Your Pregnant Tummy
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Anand CR says:

Pooh pooh you are stupid


I’m 12 and 32 weeks and scared to tell parents

LadyD 104 says:

I hid my pregnancy well, thanks to my big breast.. I just looked fat. This pregnancy it's had to hide it because it's hot outside & a jacket isn't a great idea right now.

Do you do videos on constipation relief during pregnancy? Thanks in advance

lostn65 says:

can you hide it for 9 months?

Leah Grace Fecteau says:

Also btw maybe some couples don’t say anything about them going to have a baby because people think that every women like the baby bump run but some don’t

Leah Grace Fecteau says:

I am not pregnant but good video i know having a baby bump must be nice in some way but at the same time it’s ok to want to still look the same as before I understand some woman don’t tell you they are pregnant until they are 6 or 7 months I think I know why they don’t want to be treated like they are limited or seen that way I cannot balm then when pregnant one day I want people to know I can still do many things

Dee Dee says:

I wish you had illustrations or demos a long.

T B says:

I loved this one. Thank you. It was kind and lighthearted.

James Carter says:

Bitch, stop talking so much and show more examples.

Ashley Hanenkrath says:

OMG to get my nails

Amourmimii _ says:

I'm watching this because I want my lip pierced by a professional & the only way I can get it pierced now is to not tell them I'm pregnant & to hide it

Lacey Juliet says:

I'm only watching this cause I'm fat :c

Reiva Denk says:

this was so helpful thank u :)


Cut it out.

fiendin281 says:

where is the boob?

Gavin Glittergutz says:

that thumbnail….

SCREAMOpants says:

Lol so many parents are going to want to kick your ass.

Phoebe Williams says:


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