How to Get A Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

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Sasha Posh says:

She certainly doesn’t look like she just had a baby…

Husein Bristina says:

Exercise is great for so many reasons. Losing weight is not one of them!
Exercise promotes healing and as this great instructor says, strength.
Weight issues are only solved through diet. Eat well, be well (meditate,
love, choose happiness) and you will get a lot more health benefit than
exercise alone.

mariah parker says:

i don’t like her body shape

Ashim Lama says:

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Imran Vazeer says:

what abt the c section women can they do ur exercise

Nice Niceties says:

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lakshminath v says:

Taylor Richards says:

*Having helped hundreds of women to regain the shape of their bodies before
they got pregnant, with some achieving even a much better shape, this
program runs for a total of 16 weeks that will require as little as 15
minutes every day or a total of 30 minutes three days each week to be
allotted for workouts which can be done within the privacy of one’s home.
Aside from the workout routines, Rigsby also discusses information on
proper nutrition not just for ladies but even on how they will be able to
make their kids eat healthier.*

ฤดีวรรณ อัศวแสงสกุล says:

ลดหน้าท้อง สำหรับผู้หญิงหลังคลอด

djronin84 says:

Great instructions very detailed.After umbilical hernia surgery how long
should i wait before i try this routine? and how many times a week ?

High Power Workout says:

Aerobics is still the most effective workout to burn fat and get a flat
stomach. The exercises work different muscle groups at once and
incorporates different movements that activates the entire body. Also,
these exercises are usually continuous which keeps your heart rate up,
burning more calories.

Palak Luthra says:

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ba s says:

definitely going to regularly do this!!!

Andriy Koblash says:

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Fatema Bibi says:

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Mystogan Edolas says:

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Toso Macorot says:

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salimbdjsr says:

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CKOREC says:

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Sandra Jackson says:

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Chang-Cheng Tsai says:

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Gurbachan Singh says:

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Regie Santoso says:

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unmindgrunge says:

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TheAbStand says:

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