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Sharing the 10 things I did to get a flat [and tight] stomach postpartum.

Not only did these things help me regain connection and strength in my core, they also helped my overall health and wellness postpartum and I’m so happy I did them!

Side note – I by NO means am creating this video to put pressure on you in your post-baby journey. You are beautiful the way you are RIGHT NOW! Please simply use this as a resource on your journey. I completely understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by all of the info on the internet, so ease in, choose the things that work with your lifestyle, and if you have questions about whats safe post baby – don’t be afraid to schedule a follow up with your OBGYN.

Also, the tools I share to help with healthy digestion are to help encourage regular bowel movements PP and not to encourage excessive bathroom usage.

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XO, Jade

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Jade Shaw says:

Thanks for watching! Shout out to all my mamas, soon to be mamas, and one day mamas. I watched a ton of pregnancy and postpartum videos before we ever got pregnant….thank you YouTubeeee lol. So even if you haven't had a baby yet, be sure to bookmark this for the future so you can revisit again and again! XO

Alicia Daniels says:

Really good video !

Ashley Cross says:

Your video is the only one I actually sat & watched

ma2017 hafy says:

thank you for this informative vid xo

Rose Gee says:

"mummy magic tea" by did for what I have been looking for. it brought such amazing results for me just in a couple of months postpartum. I would have a cup in the morning and one in the night before the meal.i lost up to 15 lbs in 2 weeks and I am trying to vanish my fat belly in coming month, really impressive herbal invention

Brittany Jackson says:

Haven't finished the video , but I love that we weighed the same before the baby , it's so hard to find someone who weighed the same . I'm currently 34 weeks and weigh 193

Sarah Anyango says:

Thank you so much

sparkscene says:

YEP!! Thank you Queen


Yessss girl! I loved this video! Thank you

Barbara Serry says:

self care extravaganza <3 glad i found your channel almost 1 yr pp xo

Elizabeth Sims says:

Thanks for the video! Nice tips :)

Jas Dijon says:

Love it! Yes derma rolling has done an amazing job helping with the look of my extra skin.

Yuleidys Aleman says:

Thank you girl 2 months pp here and I’m like.. what is this body.. lol

Joe Fernando says:

Hi there, I am 7 months post partum and went from size 10 to size 14. How and when do you do exercises at home ? When baby is asleep, I do my own work and some household chores. In evenings, hubby takes care of baby but baby at times still cried for me. Baby gets up early in morning. What exercises do you implement in daily routine ? My tummy is flabby after baby. With current coved crises, gyms are closed and I won’t be joining them anytime soon.

Stacy G says:

Thank you for this. You are the most accurate on how to get rid of this fat.

Valentina Lilly says:

Oh my! I cried laughing when you said I can’t even fast for the Lord! I said that’s me! Lord that’s me!!

Davida Dennis says:

Can you do theses exercises while pregnant? (I am currently 7 months pregnant)

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