How to Flatten Your Tummy After Pregnancy with Top NH Health & Fitness Coach

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Top NH Health & Fitness Coach and Employee Wellness Consultant, Melissa Koerner of Friend Your Body,, shows you the core assessments and ab exercises you’ll need to flatten your tummy after pregnancy. This is especially useful for women that have had a C-section and are looking to get back their flat tummy.


Irma Gonzalez says:

I cannot believe that I am strugglling to trust this workout because it
seems that i am being so powerless over my body. Doing crunches sounds more
traditional and succesful but through much research I found that that is
the most detrimental to a belly with a loose tva. THank you for your vid

Tserenchimed Ch says:

talking too much

How to lose weight fast for women says:

great tips. I will share them!

madhanselvi09 selvi says:

thanks a lot

sirenamber says:

Are these exercises safe to do for those with Diastasis Recti?

Leslie Chan says:

Can you make a video how to lose extra fat from both arms. My arms are

Izabella Gonzalez says:

Hi can I do this if I have Diastasis recti? Thanks

Inas nusa says:

Thank you very much for this beautiful video. 

fatema arbaz says:

Very nice:-) 

leens easo says:

hi, i have 2 babies. didn’t do any excersice at all till today and my
stomach is really big. could you please advise, if these excersice will
help me flatten my stomach since its been totally 4 years from my sencond

RISHA Rashedi says:

amazing thanks

Chandi Ratnasiri says:
Thejavathi N.R says:

Nice! is my tummy get reduces if i do these exercises because i have to
start it now and i have 8 month baby. thanks for your explanation……….

Amna Hamadi says:

Very helpful! Thanks !

marwa abazeen says:
kiki andnoah says:

great video very helpful

FriendYourBody says:

Hello! Thanks for your question. Before you start any sort of exercise
program I recommend that you get the ok from your doctor. Once you get the
go ahead to start exercising, it is important that you start with
corrective core exercises like the exercises I talked about in my video.
Good luck!

FriendYourBody says:

Thanks for your comment. Feel free to check out our website (listed in the
video) for more health and fitness information.

Srinivas Reddy says:

what is the perfect time for doing this excersise….

mike96458 says:

what is the best time to do exercise n for how long needs to do for getting
best results

FriendYourBody says:

A good start may be our DIY Healthy Solutions program. You can learn more
at our Friend Your Body website. Thanks.

mike96458 says:

Hi; my baby is 5 months n 17 days i did workout during this time period
from delivery till now but i’m unable to loose fat from my belly n thighs
as i’m not getting that much time with baby but still i do kegal exercises
cycling elliptical n walk for almost an hour or some times for half an hour
every day Kindly guide me what else i can do

awesomesantydell says:

You have a such a nice body and skin! i just love it!!!! I wish i could get
some contact with you for furthur get usefull info with you.

FriendYourBody says:

Yes, 3 sets would be good.

adfolendore says:


Satnam Sidhu says:

If you desire to lose weight fast, you should google Lean Body Blaster.
They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

jack don says:

You have a perfect body and you look great.

adfolendore says:

Thank you for this video! Maybe I missed it, but how many sets should be
done everyday? I started doing 3 sets of 10 everyday since that is what I
usually do with other strength training exercises but figured I would ask
since these can be done daily. Thanks again!

hiba alobaidy says:

thank you :) i have been use in it for 6 months nothing change in my lower
belly i did my c -section about 8 months ago and i’m running every day for
1 hr my food all healthy my weight is 143 my length is 5.05 is that any way
to get rid of ugly dangling tummy ??? thanks a lot to help us

Eliza Jurca says:

Hi, I like the way you explained….I had a c-section 8 weeks ago, so I was
wondering when is the best time to start doing some exercise for my
muscles. In the hospital they said 4 months after the operation, is not too
late? Thanks

sunalijsr says:

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a look for yourself.

phatas92 says:

It’s been a year and three months that I’ve got n c section with my son, my
belly is loosey can u help me?

mamas baybee says:

i like this work out … hope it works been doing it for a week :)

ripudaman nanda says:

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