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Amit Kumar says:

she's so cute

Tommy Hayes says:

i love your vids! best daddy award lol

Natdanai Varnakomala says:

Spoon bread

Mayank Batra says:

How do you train them? o.O

Nik Lee says:

Exactly right 100% in reality

Alfredo Cruz says:

hi dad, do you wear the same clothes everyday ?

林孝軒 says:

I like her saying SUBSCRIBE!! XD

anna54 says:

Flick & Pray! :)      Where's Mom?

Vessie Morales says:

Fantastic research. Congratulations

karla malcolm says:

After watching all of your hilarious videos I just have to say thank you and your beautiful family!!! Soooo funny.

Skull Teria says:

Dad Version of Jon Snow

Sophie Koronidou says:

can't stop laughing…

Max Roskilly says:

see your vids on seven sharp

Mo says:

Funniest and best looking dad ever!

Joséphine Papin says:

Your girls are so pretty !!! They're little dolls aaawwww !

J De (青) says:

John Snow! became a Father! with who?

A Swilkon says:

How to respect a baby! Yes! Thank you!

Vitalik Klishin says:

this is hilarious!

Eunice Minford says:

So funny, love your work! You make us all feel better about ourselves as parents, as well as making us laugh!

YourLawnAndGarden says:

love ya dedication, totally stay at home dad, never leaves by the look of it!!

Kimberly Walko says:

BHAHAHAH. This is fantastic! Too funny!

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