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Getting a hot body is a more than a few spots down on the list of why I eat clean and exercise regularly, but it’s on there. And after spending a ton of time working up a sweat and even more time developing conscious eating habits, it’s pretty annoying that I’m left with a belly that looks like I’m 4 months pregnant.

Seriously – if it’s past noon, I look like I’m packing a fetus.

Can you feel me? I’m drinking more water, eating clean whole foods, hitting the gym (and you know how much I don’t love that place), and I’m still disguising my belly under baggy shirts and unbuttoning my skinny jeans after meals.

It’s a nightmare (if I may be so dramatic). I dread making videos in anything clingy, so workout clothes give me hives. At some point this is going to affect my bottom line, and that means a LOT less of my favorite raw green juice deliveries and date nights to Pure Food & Wine — unacceptable!!

You know what I do whenever I’m having any kind of diet/detox/digestive disaster… I call my superhero, raw food chef, detox expert and colon hydrotherapist Mike Perrine, to the rescue. You all know Mike. He gives us raw food recipes and answers all our burning questions about poop and acne. Mike breaks down all the bullsh*t about the detox fad culture and gives us super good and squeaky clean information. And that’s why we love him.

I texted Mike (paraphrased for clarity), “My belly is huge! WTF?” and he gave me a simple list of 5 food combining rules to get my flat belly.

And guess what. It worked! In less than a week, I could look down and see my toes again, and my shiny neon spandex was back in rotation.

You know me – I love to share. I got Mike on video in NYC to outline these rules for you and I had my fabulous graphic designer, Shannon from, hook you up with this fun graphic reminders that you can use to stay on track.

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Watch the video and let me know how great you feel after you use his tips. I’m pretty positive your answer will be, “AMAZING!” Is it too late in the season for crop tops…








Rebekah Borucki says:

Is a flat belly in 5 days possible? Yes! Watch this video!

Diamond Johnson says:

Starches are bad, carbs are bad, sugar is bad. That leaves me with veggies
:( Jeez. I can’t eat anything yummy. 

Dasha Schwartz says:

I was taught it was best to eat protein for breakfast, ie eggs or meat. But
should I not eat the ‘dump truck’ foods first and save them for dinner? Is
fruit best to have first thing in the morning? 

Sebastian Kudos says:

+Rebekah Borucki What did the first tip meant? Is he saying not to chew

Lauren Pippin says:

I don’t understand the tip about going at least 4 hours between meals. I
have been eating 5 to 6 small meals a day because if I eat otherwise then I
stop losing weight immediately. I have to eat very little but often and
drink a ton of water, that has been my magic for losing weight. However I
think detox is important. Maybe I should just concentrate on spacing my
dinner and breakfast as much as possible instead of only eating every 4
hours during the day? 

Kittens_shades says:

Genius, so clever. I actually have discover some of these things like tip 5
over the years, I’m always experimenting on myself different diet
combinations and workout routines to see what work better for me. People
don’t understand that it isn’t about how hard you workout or how drastic
your diet is, but how smart you do it. It’s not rocket science. 

Alyson Humphrey says:

I agree with most of the points, but overall, this isn’t realistic eating..
bleh.. no proteins, no healthy starches, no apples and peanut butter
together.. i can’t :( Maybe you all can come up with an example meal plan.
This is very confusing.

Daye Kaba says:

Cool video but def not directed to athletes… Eating healthy for someone
that works really hard in the gym everyday, and runs a lot, requires a
considerable calorie intake. Can’t just eat at 8pm and then eat something
very light for breakfast the next day (what was it 12 hrs later? with no
snacking at all?) That is starving yourself. The after burn effect post hit
cardio helps your metabolism stay active for hours after your workout. So
eating past 8pm doesn’t mean that the food you’re going to eat will turn
into fat. C’mon

dubujash says:

Does it matter what time of day you should work out?

Pixel Dreamz says:

I’m sorry, but I’m really confused. I’ve done a good amount of research, ‘n
everywhere I look, I read that starting out your day with a high protein
breakfast ( eg.whole grain oatmeal, bananas, eggs etc ) is good to ”wake
up” your metabolism right away, ‘n keep you feeling full during the
morning up till lunch.But, on this video I hear that I should not eat those
foods for breakfast, or I’ll get ”stuck with a truck” … ‘n so I should
leave those for the end of my day? Like, what? It goes completly against
everything I’ve ever seen/read. I’m not disagreeing with it, I’m just
confused ‘n trying to understand the logic behind it. I go to the gym first
thing in the morning after my breakfast, is it really healthy to only be
eating fruits after I wake up? Thank you for reading i’m sorry for the long

Sarm G says:

I just realized one of the reasons why the 5 tips work in getting into
shape more quickly. Our body will get sick of having a large amount of the
same food group by itself, meaning it is extremely difficult to go past
your calorie goal if you are to have a set number of meals each day, each
containing one food group.

Pam Ramírez says:

The haters comments are just hilarious. People going all “these is
bullshit, I lost a 100 pounds eating burgers on every meal!!! you can loose
weight by eating whatever” bla bla, it is pretty obvious they did not get
the message of getting a better healthy life style. The mainly point of all
these videos is not like loose weight in one day! they are teaching you how
to cherish your body in a more profound way. People can be so close-minded
BTW love the tips :)

Chrisminecraftvids says:

I didn’t get the first tip

FightinTheAntichrist says:

This is a very intelligent video, thank you!

GetFitGamer says:

I lose weight when just listening to Mike.

TheMelancholylibra says:

Rebekah, this was great info thank you. Is it ok to have a fruit salad with
different fruits or is it better to have one fruit in a bigger serving
size, for example a full bowl, about two cups of oranges or apples?

Scott Young says:

sorry you have to watch this everyone. The only way to lose belly fat is to
eat at a caloric deficit and lose wright 

Heather Bryan says:

This video is very annoying. According to this we can basically
breath…that’s the only thing that doesn’t turn to fat. Yeah, you will
lose weight because well according to this you can’t eat for five days.

matt feith says:

Well, these tips dont really apply to people who work out or bodybuild. I
need starches and proteins to help my muscles grow. Im eating 240g carbs,
65g fats, and 300g protein, and I lose tons of weight and the muscles get
huge. But, I guess this video wasnt for people like me lol.

nanette gee says:

I’d like to ask how i’m gonna do it on my schedule when I work night shifts
and when you say our metabolism at night does not work like it does during
the day time, what kind of food do we substitute for us to stay up at night
while working and still be healthy, thank you in advance for your
response :)

Trump Doll says:

Wow! Great tips!
although now I’m terrified of the meet and potato pie were having this

Ana Texas says:

Thanks so much! I do have one question: So fruit alone means only one type
of fruit or just fruits in general? Do we mix the fruits? Like banana with
apples and melon? :)

Tanya Plummer says:

Interesting info, although I do disagree with #5…thnx for this!!!!!!

Little Light says:

i loved it your video ! very elegant and expert opinion, thank you Beka.
i am quite chubby now, belly fat is very upsetting, i am originally from
Europe and done a lot of atletics in my younger years and used to have a
gorgeous body; since i moved to North America i put on many pounds, lucky
me i am tall and look average at the moment, but i’d really want to lose
all the extra weight. i have to admit i like to eat certain types of foods
that probably are not helping. so my question would be how to lose weight
and eat what i like ? :) 

carryn73 says:

the grinch that stole snacking…. lmbo!!!

Sebastian Kudos says:

Hate mail…. LOL!

Maidellyn Easey says:

I find it funny that this information was available over 100 years ago and
now it is just coming to the ears of those who did not want to hear it from
the first source. Have you ever read “Ministry of Healing”, specifically
chapter 23/”Diet and Health”? Every single point that was mentioned in
this videos was already written over a century ago. A flat belly AND
overall health could be enjoyed by more if they just follow the simple
principles in this book. 

Joi White says:

in regards to eating in a specific order, is it good to have fruit for
breakfast, vegetables for lunch and a meat/fish with salad for dinner? or
how can i include carbs?xx

Sugartings says:

Hi Rebekah…so no fruit with oatmeal for breakfast?

britt carter says:

Wait so I can only have fruit if I haven’t eaten anything else that day? If
I have toast or oats for breakfast and then I have an apple in the
afternoon, it will be stored as fat? Whaaat

morsal sorush says:

exactly detox happens during emptiness, it is not the process of more it is
the taking away….well said that is the big reason that Muslims fast for
one month every year they eat at the morning and then don’t eat all day
till evening to detox their body and people criticize them saying ohhhh the
starvation month ….lol ;))))))))

Crystal Biggs says:

yea lets starve to death a grow old with fragile bones yay!!!!

Arianas Twerker says:

I read that if you don’t eat for 12 hours your metabolism slows down.

8OBHRZ says:

I am so overwhelmed by all the health, fitness and diet information
available today! Especially as there are so many different approaches to
good health and eating right, all of which seem to be differing. Some of
the points made in this video seemed to make good sense. So if we should
give our stomachs a break, how many meals should we be getting a day? Also,
I had brown rice, chicken and veggies for dinner tonight. Should I have
either had the starch or the protein and not both together? Or should I be
eating the veggies first, followed by the starch and then the protein? I’m
a little confused by that. So I should have fruit alone for breakfast, you
mentioned in the comments that you will have another breakfast type meal
after your initial breakfast of fruit however according to this video, we
should wait 4-6 hours between meals. In order to fit in all meals before
6-8pm, we would have to start our day really early. I myself work at night
so this is not really reasonable for me. Could you help break this all down
for me so I can learn how to implement some of these tips into my lifestyle
as I want to get the most out of what I put into my body and adopt a much
healthier lifestyle. Thank you! :)

Sam Cole says:

I eat steel cut oats in the morning so it means I cannot eat it anymore for
breakfast since it is starchy? 

laughalittle1oo says:

Don’t long term results take time? I mean I basically do all of these and I
don’t have a flat belly/ I don’t even have a big belly to begin with.

dewi krisnawati says:

thank you….

Mia Gonzalez says:

Thanks for the great info! This all makes sense! Can I blend lemons and
grapefruit with my veggies or do I need to eat those fruits in whole?

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