How To Deliver A Baby – EPIC HOW TO

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If there’s anything more terrifying that a woman giving birth, it’s having to help a woman give birth! Here’s how to deliver a baby safely!

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Starring Joe Bereta –
Episode Animated by Bryan Wieder –
Written by Michael Rainey –
Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey
Executive Producer – Andy Signore –


LemonGaming5 says:

How to become a dank meme

Mihkel Männik says:

oh man i think im gonna be sick

Jacob Martinez says:

oh my thank you so much helped me yesterday.

Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it. says:

Being squeezed through a small hole obviously hurts more than squeezing someone through a small hole

Arian Ibragimov says:

How be a YouTuber

Captain Awesome 29837 says:

That was weird when the narrators head coming out

Isaias Gonzalez says:

how to bring back harambe

Jack Pure eye says:

please do how to become ghost rider

Vinyl Dj-pon3 says:

how to win a sword fight

Wookalar SF14 says:

Epic how to: Succeed in a music career

Mordant221 says:

I'm a man, I'll be in the waiting room smokin a cigar

Lightning Jay says:

Doctor: trust me i watched a video on this
Mother: crap

Adam Seltzer says:

how to become a Punisher style vigilante

Adam Seltzer says:

How to perform an exorcism

Adam Seltzer says:

how to own your own tank

AttackOnYorkie says:

I ♥ Mr.Poopy

KayDesi says:

First things first Im tha reales'

EbPvP says:

Yea I am not getting married when I grow up.

sivakumar ambalapuzha says:

Nice editing

Swizi says:

See, if god was real why did he make it painful to deliver babies?

DeadBush TheNoob says:


nunya beezwax says:

After watching this I started creating scenarios in my head to get prepared to deliver, but the funny thing is most of them included situations and skills from the other epic how to videos like how to fight a bear. Weird.

Kfred Valino says:

when my mom was having labor my mom said she had to poop 😛 and i said "Right now??!!"

DerpyPikachu45 says:

for the next 18 years? I'm in the UK and its 16 years… though its not good since I have 6 siblings…

TheEightshot says:

Thanks, really needed a laugh today :) nice to learn at the same time.

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