How to carry your baby using an African Kanga

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In this video I’ll show you how to carry your little one with a traditional African Kanga. This is commonly called the “kanga carry.”

This wrap was purchased from Amani Ya Juu. Amani is a fair trade non-profit organization that helps women in Africa support their families. You can read more about Amani here
Here is a link to the Kanga itself
I work for the Amani center her in the States…if you have any questions I’d Love to answer them

Hope this video helps


aneta1986 zolza123 says:

How about two months baby?
Is it done the same way?

Tea Smajl says:

Thank you :-) Nice video :-)

Judy Kelly says:

This is amazing …thank you…how long and wide is this if i were to want to make my own?

Joe Younge says:

Your daughter is a princess!

Joe Younge says:

Thank you for sharing this video! I'm baby sitting my granddaughter and looked up the baby wrap to be able to take her out, I can't tell you how excited I am!

Ashlie Smith says:

This is awesome I want to order one!!

Keshia Blackwell says:

What website did you say you could find these ?

Dania says:

oh! she's so cute!

AMS JV says:

it doesn't work for me that I don't have big or normal zise breast haha :(

Faith Derek says:

OMG she is too cute!!! Thanks for the video and that print is beautiful!

Sam Ramone says:

what fabric is that??????!!!!!! :)

• Liitle loves nursery • says:

This is amazing! I do not have a baby but I do have a reborn doll and I plan on taking her out tomorrow and need a way to carry her as she gets heavy! Thanks ❤

Kirsten Manthorne says:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful fabric wraps for such a great cause. I was wondering if there was a way to carry a newborn or younger child on the front.


she thinks it's fun lol

kamille seven says:

you made this seem so fun and simple. Thank you for that. I have been curious about this for so long this is one of the first videos I watched. You and your baby are so beautiful.

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