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This demo shows the advantage your newborn will have in this great carrier (that you could win)!
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Hello mamas and papas. We’re finally into the groove of the holidays here in my house. I’ve been baking away since last week, our tree is (finally) up, and the kids are busy writing their Santa lists. Even though I don’t feel very organized, I’m trying to savor these special days with the kids and impart some of the traditions my mom imparted to us, including baking gingerbread cookies and Swedish meatballs.

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, on CloudMom over the next few weeks, we’ll be offering you a weekly (rather than monthly) giveaway, each sponsored by the wonderful brand Catbird Baby.

Up this week, another funky, fashionable Catbird Baby Mei Tai Carrier. In today’s video, I demo how to comfortably settle your infant into this carrier. Take a look and let me know what you think, and make sure to enter our giveaway below! Crossing my fingers for each of you and hoping you win.

Mei Tai Baby Carrier

So why is the Mei Tai called a ‘catbird’? Well, the expression “sitting in the catbird seat” means being in an advantageous position, a fitting description for your little bundle of joy in this sling, snuggled up close to Mom or Dad!

When carrying a newborn, to ensure the most comfortable ride for your baby, make sure that you tie the Mei Tai higher on your waist than you normally would buckle a soft-structured carrier. Also, note that there should be no space between you and your baby (which could allow your baby to slouch down in the carrier). One of the best things about the Mei Tai is that it is so versatile and can easily adapt to any body type. If the body panel is too high for your small, newborn babe, you can modify the carrier’s size by rolling up the waistband before you tie it on. The straps of the Mei Tai are also made long enough to conveniently accommodate different-sized wearers. Watch my video for more!

Overall, I love the style of the Catbird Mei Tai! I love how adjustable these wonderful simple carriers can be and how quickly you can put them on!

What do you look for in a baby carrier? Comment below!

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Catbird Mei Tai Specs
Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
Product Dimensions: Top strap – 75”, Body panel – 15.5-16” x 22.5-23”
Weight Recommendation: 8-35 lbs
100% cotton

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Jane Orr-Basarke says:

I had a snugly, moby, ergo and a friend lent me a Mei tai and the Mei tai
was our favorite we used it from week 1 until recently when I had to return
it! Love it!

nicpey says:

picking up a babyhawk in a week. i’m really excited!

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