How To Breastfeed A Baby [VIDEO]

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Breast milk is one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby. It’s brimming with nutrients and antibodies that boost your newborn’s immunity, aid digestion and promote brain development. An added bonus: Breastfeeding burns calories like crazy, helping you lose those pregnancy pounds faster. And it reduces your lifetime risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer and postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Once your baby is latched onto your breast and nursing contentedly, you won’t want to interrupt her because your back hurts or your arm is tired. So take a minute to settle into a comfortable, relaxed position before starting to breastfeed.

When you’re just starting out, sit up straight in an armchair or your hospital bed. (Once you and your baby get the hang of nursing, you can try other positions, such as lying on your side.) Lay a firm pillow across your lap so your baby is level with your breast, and prop up your elbows on the chair arms or pillows. (You also can use pillows that are made specifically for breastfeeding; see “Breast Buddies,” below, for our expert’s picks.) Also put a pillow behind your back for support, if needed. If you’re sitting in a chair, place your feet on a small stool to bring your baby closer and help prevent back and arm strain.

A good latch is essential for your milk to flow properly and to keep your little piranha from making fish food of your nipples. Before you put her to the breast, make sure your baby is on her side so you and she are belly to belly, Shell advises. When she does latch on, her mouth should be opened wide, like a yawn, and take in a good portion of your areola.

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