How to BECOME a BETTER PARENT: Positive vs. Toxic Parenting Tips I Dr Gabor Maté

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How to Become a Better Parent: Positive vs. Toxic Parenting Tips I Dr Gabor Maté

Who is Gabor Maté? A renowned speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development.

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Dr Gabor Maté

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Sparsh Parimoo says:

Wish I knew about the Gabor method instead of the bloody Faber method.

Ed Green says:

To those who didn't feel seen or heard Gabor hears you!

Subversive Underground says:

You have to keep your chin up. Its imperative, to demonstrate a happy life if that's what you want your children to have. This video shows allot, but not enough. The utility of nonviolent communication isn't even mentioned.

C J says:

I'm watching this video and all I can remember is the pain that I have experienced when I was little, I felt like my mother was too aggressive, until now I still have anxiety about all of the things I wanna do, but Im so afraid of what might happen to me. Im watching this, I have no words, the only thing I can give is my tears and all of my pain.

Sarah Kristi says:

Now I feel like a bad mom..

Warrior Of Compassion says:

I was reluctant to listen to this because I was afraid that it would hurt a lot however yes the truth can sting but I brought some comfort in the fact Just coincidentally this is the third time I’ve heard the same message this day from Gabor mate on other material, I was learning and the exact words. “ the greatest gift that you can give your child is your happiness “ and otherwise they will feel it is their fault or responsibility if the parent is not happy. AND THAT SOUNDS LIKE GUILT OR SHAME !! And I do not believe that shame is anything that we should ever put on kids.
this makes me wonder and realize how tho How have that exact response when my kids are not resonating at a very happy frequency! I feel it is because of me as the mother. !
I’m sure there’s truth in that however maybe that is still like a child like mind set and I need to readjust my perspective on their state and maybe separate myself a little bit become, the observer and just listen so I can hear them. It’s the ability to not take something personally and just open up a non-biased but caring energy to come through and see the best way to validate what they are experiencing and feeling what is their truth it may not be the truth and then to acknowledge and do my best to stay out of guilt and shame around even if and when it is my fault.
And what if maybe even subconsciously there’s something a shift that happens as in just able to listen proactively and then responding a cord-nly because now I am capable not reacting in the childlike mind set.
They will naturally feel safer and Heard so the issue at hand will be held compassionately .

rJohn Roberts says:

I missed some years with my boys, selfish excuses, but now I've been with them and formed a bond I couldn't imagine not being there for them for any reason. Not saying there isn't challenges along the way

Aizawa sensei has a shotgun says:

throwing a phone at them when they turn 5 doesnt make them do it themselves, give them fucking love and not neglect your child so much they find virtual strangers more supportive and caring then you

Sandra Aalders says:

I think I did a pretty good job, I raised a fine yong man and I never listening to any advise when it feels not right to me. I was raised the other way and I am verry disabeled by that, so I always asked myself what I should had needed when he had problems and try to give him that. By the way; I know my parends loved me verry much, they just didnt know any better, they were slaves from there own twisted upbringing. I am glad that I broke the circle and did it My way, always listening to your gut feeling!

Fiona Kay Smith says:

I became a step mum to 8 year old twins 5 years ago. Their mum & dad were already separated when they were born so I didn't 'replace' their mum and they hadn't been through a separation. The main obstacle to me building a relationship with them has been their mother, who has consistently denied my existence for the past 7 years, despite the fact that her children live with me half the time.

Ariana Edwards says:

Building a relationship with the child is the goal…makes perfect sense. I didn't have good parents so I'm constantly forcing myself to do the right thing. Read a book before bed, hugs and kisses, meal times together, talk about their day, protect and provide… But I never thought to get inside and build a relationship with them individually. I was just going through the motions. Now I see what the disconnect is

Günstig Vogel says:

3:05 "…you don't hold the relationship as ransom to them."
*This is racism in a nutshell too*. Most of our species is still forced to exist in constant adaptation to match and maintain White People's tragic ego-fragility in exchange for some semblance of attachment security with the planet FFS.

No other "ethnic" group has held the license of hostage-making instead of family-making the way "White People" have, at both the family and societal levels, using that relationship with attachment security to hold nonwhite people hostage here in North America for these past 400 years.

Prince of Persia says:

Everyone in the world need to watch this in our present society!

Prince of Persia says:

This is just the purest form of gold there is, today!

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