How to avoid pregnancy before 1 month? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

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How to avoid pregnancy before one month? Now this is, the question is to avoid a pregnancy that has already come and to avoid the pregnancy in one month. Now I’ll answer the both things. Now to avoid the pregnancy as such, contraceptions are there. You have to meet your gynecologist, talk about various options of contraception that are available from pills to injections to intra uterine devices. So once you talk to your gynecologist she will tell you the appropriate contraception that will be helpful for you at that point of your life and you can use to prevent pregnancy at any point of time, number one. Now the second part of the question is how to prevent a pregnancy which is one month. So a one month pregnancy can be definitely avoided by using medical method of termination of pregnancy can be used. But definitely always after a scan. Confirm the position of the baby is in a normal place, foetus is in a normal place, and to avoid ectopic pregnancy and its complications and definitely medical termination of the pregnancy always with the help of a gynecologist. So one month pregnancy can be terminated medically, but number one, with an informed consent, number two, with a previous scan finding, number three assess all other abnormalities, number four with a registered medical gynecological practitioner.


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Dangsha Anga Official Status says:

What is the name of the medicine…..

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Medicine ka naam kya hai

Emma Freeman says:

Is it safe to take abortion pills during my ½ month of pregnancy??

Mohammad Khan says:

Very beautiful doctor I like you so much dr

Zeba Sultana says:

1 mnth of pregnancy ko rokne k liye tblt boliye na

Bho Tey says:

Mere wife ne period ke 1 week aage sinex medicine liya tha aaj period nahi huwa pregnant hogaya oh medicine ne effect hota he ya nahi?? please let me know

RP says:

4 month pregnant avoid it's possible or not mem

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Pills name madam

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Which medicine use to avoid pregnancy

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How much rupees in that pills? It's too expensive or not , pls expecting reply from you

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Agar hume nahi pata ho ki pregnancy positive hogaye hain or pills khate rathe or bat me pata cale ki positive hain to kiya baby ko koye hum hogi

Martha Elago says:

Can anyone please help me what to do if iam months pregnant and I don't want a baby

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Ma'amean points povadaaniki che

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Medom 1 month pragnency stop tablet name tel me

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9986331173 call me

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It's Lydia or Postinor two good for me

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May offer akong gamot pamparegla

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tablets plz

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