How to Apply Tummy Cream for Pregnancy Part 2

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Roundlover says:

May I say you, look absolutely amazing. I’m glad see your pregnancy went
well. Pregnancy is a beautiful and I think people need to appreciate it’s
beauty, The creation of life, it doesn’t get better than that. You seem to
embrace pregnancy, and that’s a great thing! You seem like a nice person
and a great mother. stay blessed.

Katie Banks says:

OMG amy, you’re so huge! Good job with the belly cream… is working
wonders!I saw your profile a couple weeks ago and thought you had one of
the biggest bellys I’ve ever seen, but now your even bigger!! You seem to
be growing by the minute, I dont know how you do it! Definitely never get
pregnant with twins, you would definitely burst! lol

Amy Douangmany says:

thank you :)

sid kel says:

How many weeks are you measuring? What do people say when they see your
belly on the verge of bursting?! I wish you could just see how big can get
and wait to deliver naturally… maybe carry to 41 weeks?

shealeneschuckers says:

I hate it when people say “you’re huge”. It’s rude as hell. You’re still
super tiny and all belly. You look awesome.

Amy Douangmany says:

yes, the cream is doing a good job, if it were to be my body alone, I don’t
think my body can handle so much stretching that is occurring so rapidly
especially this stage of my tummy blooming :) I’ve always wanted twins but
I guess I should not want twins anymore ha ha :) ~Amy

Amy Douangmany says:

thanks! :) ~Amy

dave47170812 says:

God Amy your so sexxxy! !! Beautiful! !!

Amy Douangmany says:

My previous pregnancy I carried to 41 weeks and I was not struggling as
much at this one, they added 3 weeks to my last menstrual period date and
provided me my due date so I feel like I’m pregnant 43 weeks even though i
know conception can be about 2 weeks after last menstrual. I gained 36lbs
and counting but I feel too overweight with this pregnancy, I think I’d
break in half trying to naturally deliver kind of worries me with the
thought ~Amy :)

barebellylover says:

Can you do a dancing video in almost the same outfit?

alex sanjaya says:

i want rub

alex sanjaya says:


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