how my life has changed – first trimester pregnancy vlog

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Sharing with you how my life has changed since finding out I’m pregnant. These are some of the pregnancy symptoms I’ve been experiencing, how I treat my pregnancy symptoms, and an ideal day in my life during my first trimester. Hope you enjoy the pregnancy vlog!

finding out I’m pregnant in quarantine
first trimester lower body workout

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palestblue says:

So interesting, salt and vinegar chips really help me, too! It's so weird, but it's the only food that really helps when I feel like complete shit because of the nausea. I wonder what the science is behind that?

Lo Chuan yew says:

Your pregnancy change your life, then how about this Covid 19 , Does this Covid 19 change your life too?

Courtney Vial says:

The boob tenderness is no joke! That's how I knew I was pregnant. It was so painful! Luckily, that will ease soon! I worked in a Staples, and let me tell you, I lived on ginger ale and peppermint Mentos for my first trimester! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is super smooth and happy! Also…that pup is PRECIOUS!!

L S says:

Back to the Future is always a reliable friend lol

Alice’s Dream says:

I have a 10 and 3 year old – I remember the exhaustion in both first trimesters. I would work go home eat hardly anything because I had no appetite and go to bed and sleep then go to work and go it all again. Embrace the magic because it is magical looking back. The second trimester is amazing, I’d forget I was pregnant, so look forward. Take care.

Jane Barscz says:

Hi Serein! Good vlog as usual!! what treadmill did you purchase? I am needing one also..thank you! Whoops I just heard you say it was crappy!! Is there a treadmill you two could recommend then?

r _misdemeanorelliott says:

Congrats guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Serena Chiang says:

Are you still doing keto? I guess if you have saltine crackers then no? Just curious!

Haylee Baird-Lira says:

Thank you for sharing the info about the dietitian, I'm excited to check her out. I am 32 weeks and recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It has been such a hard adjustment! My hubby is also keto. That cake looks amazing! Whole foods bakery is really great.

cam sidhu says:

Congratulations guys!!! X

Alexis Merrill says:

2nd trimester will be the best! 1st trimester your dealing with hormones and nausea. 3rd trimester you will be so uncomfortable. Just take it easy on yourself during this time. Are you guys going to find out the sex? Will you do a gender reveal?

Jo Olson says:

I drink ginger tea for nausea, hot or iced. You can use ground or fresh, just boil either in water, then drink as you wish. I add some honey in mine. Congratulations, you and Chris will do great!

maomvanglo says:

I got threw 2 of my first pregnancy with drinking ginger ale for my first trimester. Hopefully this help.

Starlit Beauty says:

Omg aww congrads girl ❤❤ im so excited for u. It will get better hun.

Mel West says:

If you cut down the caffeine quickly then that could be why you felt extra shit. I quit pretty much cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant and 2 days later I was pretty much bed bound for a couple days- horrible head ache and just exhausted! Took me a while to put 2 and 2 together.

BT V says:

Congratulations, Serene! This is amazing news. Thank you for vlogging this. It's interesting to watch. ♥️

Betty Yuan-Cardinal says:

The thing I remember most about the first trimester was…taking naps!

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