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Super requested and super fun to talk about! Thanks for kicking around with me! Rock on. -Yours Truly
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FTC Disclaimer: All things in this video are my legit opinions. I was not sponsored for this video.


Rachel WhitakerVlogs says:

Wow you started working out only three weeks after???! I was in pain down there for a full two months and after. You got lucky!

Karen RR says:

Are you vegan? :~) its the best way to lose weight in general

Abcfefg hijklmnop says:

Ivy is so pretty !

Joe Mama says:

It's very good that u are breastfeeding.

maryellen vogel says:

Sarah, Can you post a video about diy baby stuff?

carolyn pena says:

Sarah I was trying to lose weight after having my daughter 3 month later having her I got pregnant now she is 5 month I don't how to lose weight after my second baby I been frustrated but I like your videos God bless your little family

Sandy Meyer says:

ooooooooohhhh my sheee is soooo cute ❤

Malia Ferron says:

Thank you for talking about Christ!!!
many people are afraid to stand up for their beliefs

liebekaese says:

didn't god create humans in christian belief? just wondering because you said christ

Rosanne van Wijk says:

Your baby is so gorgeous and you are too! I always enjoy your vids (:

Rosanne van Wijk says:

Your baby is so gorgeous and you are too! I always enjoy your vids (:

Laura Emily says:

are u an angel

Lisa Pfeffer says:

I lost weight but the skin never goes away

montel430 says:

You have a beautiful face and stomach. I wish I could kiss and lick it.

Gia M says:

Ivy is absolutely the most beautiful baby girl I've seen, you are a lucky mama

Gia M says:

You were extremely lucky not to gain weight during your pregnancy, but you shouldn't take it for granted. Your metabolism must be awsome, but take into consideration that many pregnant women can't exercise during pregnancy because of the high risk of preterm labor, as myself, or simply can't help putting on more weight because they dieted since they were teenagers in order to stay fit, as myself, but during pregnancy you can't eat as little as you've done before (for instance, before pregnancy I used to skip breakfast, but obviously couldn't do that anymore because the baby needed me to eat breakfast, I gained 10 pounds in my first trimester only because of that) though I gained a total of 28 pounds during my pregnancy, I got to my prepregnancy weight în about 4 months, and I wish I was as lucky as you and could exercise and not be stuck in bed during my last trimester struggling to keep my baby till he reached 39 weeks, Thank God he was ok!. My advice is not to take your age and super metabolism for granted.

Selma B says:

Omg you and your baby beautiful it's unreal omg so amazingly pretty

Veronika Kornelová says:

I just don´t like to exercise any tips? :D

7papaya2 says:

Have you experienced Mastitis at all?

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