How I Got My Body Back After Baby

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Check out what it was like for me to lose the “baby weight” after the birth of my second child, as well as a list of the tips I believe helped me the most. Read more:


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Mary Achieng says:

am 12weeks since post partum…am I to late to start tightening my belly with exercises?

Yenny Alvarez says:

Thanks for sharing <3

Michelle Daramy says:

Great video and very encouraging. Thanks so much for sharing!

Julie Quates says:

Hi! Just found your channel and loving it so far. High five for tandem nursing! Also, I'm just starting in on the MuTu system to help heal a weak core and Diastisis Recti. Did you have a severe DR that you had to heal? I know crunches and planks can make it worse. THanks for your great info!

Autumn L. says:

I'm really enjoying your channel! New subbie. :) I heard of your channel from a shout out from Patricia Keeles channel. ☺️

Jane Doe says:

Thank you for this.. It's been 3 months of working out after baby #2 (who is 1 in April) and I want to give up sometimes.. I'm 5'3", 131 lbs, but my stomach skin is looser then it used to be… Sometimes I think it will never be the same.. But you look awesome! Maybe I will give a vegan diet a try….

Alisha Orsinger says:

I'm 5'3. First pregnancy starting weight was 154lbs. At 9 months I was 200lb. Year later I was 160lbs. Second pregnancy starting weight was 160. I tried everything and could not loose an oz. This time I have a better doctor.

Zoia Hargrove says:

what tighten skin I'm a skinny but my baby got me with dark saggy stomach.its so loose

MzVan21 says:

great video! I just had twins more than month ago and my doctor gave me the go head to work out..I'm excited.spring is almost here so I can go to the park

Mahalia Medina says:

Thank you for this 8weeks ppstpartum. Your tips are helpful. I will it time.

Deb canadian says:

great tips as for me I went from 104 to 168 and my son was born 5 weeks earlier at 8lbs 9 0z on my side that was a small birth for all babies are over 11 pounds even my siste rin law who was only 5 feet yikes ,lol but my hubby side that was big but yes I hear you and still want to lose the weight did it but the past few years gain the weight back on so love the tips you gave :}

hamzah alkhatib says:

I got so fat after birth do you think there's hope for me to loose my extra weight?

SweetBella 90 says:

Lol your so adorable when you run! Thanks for tips I'll need them soon!

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