How Girls Get Ready…

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EditingSchool says:

My routine:
1. Wake up
2. Go on the phone
3. Sleep

Hello bubunectar says:

Why the hell are 14yr olds telling us about their morning routine? yall ruining this video kids

MP love says:

Just saying you look super pretty in all of those outfits and ur super funny:))))))

Olivia Guinez says:

I'm like the one with the hat

Brian .To says:

School routine :
Wake up
Check weather
Choose clothes accordingly to weather
Put on clothes
Brush teeth
Make breakfast
Eat breakfast
Checks clock
Plays on happy wheels to kill time
8:10 go to bus
Weekend routine
Wake up
Goes back to sleep
Wakes up
Wakes up for real
Go on pinetrest
Eat breakfast
Goes to room stays on social media (if friends aren't over)

KidView says:

My middle school routine:
Wake up
Brush teeth
Aint got time for a shower in the morning
Take a crap
Get streesed
Remember to put on clothes
Run out the door

Ivan Atanasov (Cool Topix) says:

I fell in love with you. <3 And it was from the 10th floor… :-D

MaccBoii says:

i need my wife to be spontaneously random jus like her

Victoria Costa says:

What is the name of that last song that played

Amanda Alexa says:

Since everyone else is doing it

My morning routine:
My dad thinks he woke me up at 0500
I wake up at 0540 and sleep in until 0600
Get up
Listen to music (occasionally)
Put on my uniform
Brush my teeth
Change my book bag
Try to eat something (and fail)
At 0630 I'm on my way to school.

Shreyrey/ Love food says:

Yellow really suits you

Aniqa Ahmed says:

My routine is waaay different (on a school day). 1. Wake up 2. Stumble downstairs and slump on the couch 3. Watch TV for 20 minutes. 4. Get shouted at because I'm late 5. Rush upstairs change into my school clothes 6. Eat 3 bites of my bread in the car (breakfast) and feel sick. 7. End up not eating my breakfast and going to school on an empty stomach :)

khadeeja Kasmani says:

ha ha so funny

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