Hiding a pregnancy for 7 months (plus belly shots up to 28 weeks)

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It’s me from the “sacha stevenson”channel. This is the beginning of my vlog channel. And soon I will have a free actor for the vlog too! woo hoo! #Childlabor! But here I am sharing why I hid the pregnancy until now and also sharing some photos of my belly from 8 weeks through to 28 weeks. Please subscribe and tell me what else you want to know/see in the comment section. Thanks for watching!
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qqie kudo says:

Sha,kok sy nyari video sacha yg tips2 dan cara supaya kurus lagi habis hamil ga da ya? Pdhl mau share ke adek yg lagi program

GamingCatSock says:

You…how did I end up here she makes me wanna slam her "stay fit" head to the wall like seriously "take one for the team" if you didn't want kids you should've get a glove on it or not open ur legs…the heck man…why was this was in my recommendations lordy

Ingrid Kiss says:

what are you going to do about having zero waist and that face though…. having a bump is far from being your biggest issue. I feel sorry for that kid.

Karla Mackey says:

WOW…i feel sorry for your child! You sound selfish and self centered!!!

Killafornia says:

We're judging you right now tho……….

Cella Cella says:

Let's go to war on our FEARS !!!

Noonie Luciano says:

Ugh what a fuckin jerk …. your child will hate you when he or she watches this smh you are so selfish and self centered

Angel Grace Montecalvo says:

is the baby going to be ok

Terri Woods says:

I get that she doesn't want people touching her but "you can stop yourself for getting big and fat." what the hell? what a c**t. Some people naturally don't show a great deal but some people do. I wouldn't call that fat. I didn't look pregnant from the back with my first child and I was slim, but when I turned round my bump was huge. This woman is a grade A twat!!!!!

Juju Bees says:

Be proud if it! I worry a bit about this baby's future uf "image" is such a big deal in this family unit!

BigPHATCrazyLife says:

So when you have your baby you aren't going to love it? Just gonna leave that up to the husband? I'm confused.

Lindsay Wade says:

her entire video was about how she became comfortable with her situation nothing wrong with working out and maintaining a healthy weight while pregnant yes there is a certain amount u are supposed to gain for the health of the baby and I'm sure as long as she is going to a Dr things are being monitored and fine. she said one of her biggest fears was being judged and all I see are negative woman judging her for making different choices than they would have that is ridiculous. I personally find her refreshing and honest.

k kai says:

Why are people mad that's she's watching her weight and health?! I would be mad if she's stuffing her face with toxic food such as fried oil, process food

k kai says:

This is like looking at a mirror! Thanks for the tips!

Leah Warne says:

I just think that fair enough if you don't like children and you don't like pregnancys and what not but when you found out you made the decision to keep that baby nobody forced you to so the health of your child should come before everything fair enough you don't want to gain loads of weight but there are other ways to keep yourself from gaining unwanted weight than lifting ridiculous things how can your baby have any room to move or grow in there I think things that have been said in these comments are horrible and just completely rude but this is quite an extreme workout for someone at 7 months pregnant:/

Maya Morgam says:

she's OK with ending a child life tlkn abt I'm not anti abortion

Vikki Van Eycke says:

i had 3 miscarriages i would do anything for a baby. this video made me sick. if you didn't want a baby there burth control pills and other birth control methods

cryingeyeslove says:

I love her honesty

Susan Thompson says:

Is she so stupid? Lifting that much can rupture the bloody placenta and kill the baby if it's not removed fast enough and she can bleed to death if she doesn't get medical care quick enough. Fcuking selfish bitch. I would love to throat punch her

JrM Jz says:

don't let zee watch this vid in the future,she might be dissapointed of you Sacha :/

Blanca Morales says:

I hate how people are so damn judge mental, like damn don't fucking act like your damn saints. This female is simply being honest in her own personal experience, it's called being "human" she shouldn't be called a whore, a horrible person, a bitch, or be told to keep her legs closed etc. Why should se be crucified for being her own unique self!!! She isn't hurting any one of your ignorant asses! I am a mother of 3, currently pregnant with my 4th, and if I can try to understand her perspective and her own unique humor, I think others can do so as well. Learn to agree to disagree God damn people! Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks for being so real and yourself!!! Many can relate I'm positive.

kyleigh pearl says:

How can a person look at having a child in such a horrible way? Poor you. You were gifted a child. She has a totally selfish way of looking at being pregnant

#alice from the squad says:

People like her make me physically and mentally sick

Kasey Marie says:

"I thought I'd take one for the time" well bitch should've kept your legs closed. I feel so bad for that child.

Jeannine Levostre says:

what a horrible person!! how did I end up on this video…

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