HEALTHY PREGNANCY TIPS + prenatal visit (with Dr. Paul)

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S Cambridge says:

Doctor Paul, I'm going to be 26 weeks pregnant and will be traveling to turkey, should I get the typhoid vaccine? Please help, thank you

Jaclyn Marie says:

Dr. Paul, do you have more information on why you'd put epidural over nitrous oxide?

Erin Whalen says:

You are a great doctor

Dawn Princess says:

My province now vaccinates starting at 2 months. My son didn't get it until grade 5. This is also ok right?

Julia Duprey says:

Dr. Paul, I think that these sit down videos are really nice. You should do some more q and a videos related to medicine.

Julia Duprey says:

I'm not pregnant but this is very informal. What about pregnancy when you already have diabetes. 20 years ago my mom got flu shot when she was pregnant with me.

melionaire says:

A doctor recommending against vaccines?! you are a rarity

Christophe Valiant says:

My child is vaccine injured and I stopped vaccinating at six months old! I wish I learned about vaccines side effects, ingredients, studies, and history of vaccines. I WILL NEVER VACCINATE AGAIN!

alfamelia13 says:

Lets keep it in the context of the video kiddos. He's not against vaccines, he against getting certain ones during pregnancy . Its a risk outweighs the benefits situation

Big Moose says:

Excellent video Dr. Paul!

Erika Nyberg says:

Stuff I wish I would have known when I was pregnant. My oldest son has asd and adhd, I had vaccines done during pregnancy. My daughter was stillborn, again I got vaccinated. My last baby I got vaccinated again and both of my living children have speech delay.

Rhans life says:

Why can't your office be in Michigan ? You're awesome

Mandi Ransom says:

People have little to no understanding of what you're saying because laymen terms are almost impossible with this stuff. This is ridiculous. Antivaxxers will take this and run and start a frigging epidemic and MORE children will die from lack of vaccines than children will die of vaccines that prevent the illnesses. Give me a break with this. One of the most dangerous videos to put out in my opinions

Kekalek says:

I wish you were my child's doctor and MY doctor! I am dreading having to find another doctor because my pediatrician told me that because he takes care of children from St. Jude he doesn't want children that are not vaccinated in his office because he has to protect the children that are not able to receive vaccines safely. Which I thought was a load of crap! What about the children who are exempt because of religious beliefs or the one's who have contraindications and cannot receive the vaccines. He is pushing for me to give my child the MMR vaccine (she's 17months) but I want to wait until she's school age.

Sarah yan says:

Hello Dr.paul ! I want to ask you are a family physician or a pediatrician?!

Apoc Gamer says:

Dr paul your so smart!!!

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