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There are new guidelines for all of community that recommend safe levels of alcohol use. For women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy not drinking alcohol is the safest choice. For women who are breastfeeding not drinking alcohol is the safest choice. We can all protect our children from alcohol. Support your family and community and help our babies have a strong spirit for a strong future.


Ltreve says:

I completely agree! This ad is awful! I cant believe that is still aired and has not been taken down. The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is a problem in more than just Aboriginal communities in Australia, so why are they being singled out? and especially in such a demeaning  and condescending manner?  It is so degrading, as well as being supportive of the negative stereotypes we are trying hard to eradicate in our society.

Nigel Wong says:

yes apparently every aboriginal has kids in their early teens or 20s… live under a boab tree in some tin shed… is mad about footy and only has tinnies in the fridge pride and centre. Also they breed like crazy because the old auntie has plenty of stretch marks. nope not stereotypical at all…i'm surprised they were having a bbq and not a corroboree in the last scene.

Nigel Wong says:

glad to see i'm not the only one that thought the same when I first saw this advert.

Greg House says:

I'm glad to see Aboriginal people represented on TV and in a positive manner. Watching Australian TV one would think the Aboriginal people didn't even exist… Aunty Mary is a well liked and respected personality. This message isn't just for Aboriginal people either, there are many other nationalities that drink while pregnant/breast feeding that this message is reaching including us wadjula.

strongssm1 says:

The advertisement was developed following more than 12 months of extensive consultation with Aboriginal people, organisations and communities and the resulting ad has been positively received by many people in the Aboriginal community.

Louisa Loder says:

This ad is disgustingly stereotyped and patronising! I'm all for promoting safe pregnancies and healthy living, but come on. Give your community a little bit of credit!!

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